Thursday, December 21, 2006

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been a (mostly) good person this year (if you don't count the road rage!). For Christmas, I would love it…

  • If rockstar baby started eating more. His cough is just killing his appetite and I'm very worried!
  • If rockstar baby gained 5 pounds. I want him to be a butterball!
  • If someone got me a box of Jer's Handmade Incrediballs –no, it's not something sleazy. They're actually chocolate covered peanut-butter balls with rice krispies all mixed in.
  • If I someone gave me a Bloomingdale’s gift certificate or a Starbucks gift certificate. It would really come in handy.
  • If I had thicker hair.
  • If people stopped making up words like conversate and truthability. Also, it would be great if people started to spell words properly and not use 'your' when they really mean 'you're' or 'they're' when really mean 'their.' And while we’re at it, can people stop using “quotation marks” improperly?! It's "annoying" =P
  • If I actually stuck to my plan of eating healthy and working out on a regular basis
  • If people actually took the time to write a little note on their Christmas cards instead of just sending it out generically (sometimes without even putting your name!) Okay, I'm asking too much. Yes, I realize people are too busy. Scratch that, Santa.
  • If the hubs took me out to dinner and a movie. I'm dying to see a movie in the big screen. Like The Good Shepard or Eragon or The Pursuit of Happyness. And.I.Can’t.Wait. for the TRANSFORMERS movie! I am such a geek.
  • If my cholesterol level decreased a bit. Yes, I know I have to be more responsible in terms of eating –I guess this goes with the willpower, huh?
  • If I got to see my cousins more. I realize that as family, we don’t necessarily have to be friends, but it would be great if they could take the initiative and make time to hang out once in a while and be interested in my life as I am with theirs.
  • If I got my old car back! I miss you my beautiful, speedy X5! Not that I don’t appreciate my new car… it’s just not the same. =(
  • If I became passionate about my job again. I love the fact that what I’m doing is serving the community and I love being in public service. It’s just that I sometimes feel I deserve more pay and am envious that other people make tons more than I do.
  • If I stopped comparing myself to others! I am thankful, really I am, but who doesn't have a pity-party once in a blue moon, right?
  • If I got out of debt once and for all (well, not counting the new car debt I just incurred).
  • If I had more time to spend with rockstar baby. Period. Oh, and the hubs too.
  • If I had the time to bake cookies and put together gift baskets for friends each Christmas.
  • If I could give my parents a wonderful gift like a trip to Europe to show them how much I appreciate all they do for me.
  • If I could pay back the hubs and my parents for always “spotting me” whenever I am broke. I would love to do the same.
  • If I could financially support our family single-handedly just because I can.
  • If I could go snowboarding sometime this season.
  • If the hubs and I can go on holiday with rockstar baby to somewhere really cool --like Greece!
  • If people become a little less self-centered (yes, including me) and realize Christmas for what it really is (and that it's not about shopping).

And lastly, Santa, I would love it if:

  • If everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New Year!

rockstar baby's first christmas

rockstar baby's first christmas

have a rocking christmas


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