Tuesday, October 24, 2006
New York Weddings

The New York Wedding

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I went to 2 weddings these past 2 weekends. Both were in New York --one in upstate NY, and the other one in midtown Manhattan.

On Friday the 13th, my college friend Grace had a beautiful ceremony and reception at the Gardens in Catlin Creek in Slate Hill, NY. This was the first wedding that both the hubs and I attended post-baby and I'm glad we did. This place was amazing and it perfectly complemented her fall theme! If ever I get the chance to do an outdoor ceremony, this place would be it.

Grace is so creative that ladies and gentlemen --she created her own centerpieces, invites, place cards, children's activity buckets, etc! Yes, she even carved those pumpkins herself! She and her hubs, Matt created these beautiful yet funky invitations tied with twine and autumn leaves. Her centerpieces consisted of glass hurricanes (those large candle vases) filled with either corn, candy corn, or cranberries surrounded by apples and mini-pumpkins and a gorgeous garland. For favors, she gave away candy apples in a variety of flavors. Everything was so tastefully done and I can't believe she had all the time to do this!

She had an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour, and despite the 30+ degree outdoor weather, it turned out beautifully! Yes, we were freezing our asses off, but we had a great time. I especially enjoyed the yummy Korean food during the cocktail hour. Also, the bride and groom changed into traditional Korean garb during the reception. Overall, we had an excellent time --what's not to like about great food, drinks, and a yummy dessert buffet! Congratulations Grace and Matt!




Then on October 21st, we went to the wedding reception of my law school friend Annie and her hubby Dan. Annie and Dan had a beautiful wedding (and honeymoon) in Italy. They flew into Rome and stayed there for a few days, and then had their ceremony in Positano, a gorgeous seaside town south of Naples, Italy. Then they came back home to NYC and threw an elegant cocktail reception. It was held in Opia Restaurant, right smack in midtown Manhattan. Annie had her dress tailor-made from Shanghai Tang, isn't it gorgeous? It's a take-off from the qipao, the traditional Chinese gown.

The reception was quite snazzy and it felt like nighttime even though it was at 1 pm. Annie and Dan had a lot of friends come in from Boston (since they went to BU), and it was a college reunion of sorts for them. It was great to mix with such an ecclectic crowd of people. I felt like I was in a cocktail party straight out of Sex and the City. Hors d'oeuvres were passed around, the liqour flowed freely, and the desserts were amazing! (I wish I brought some home!) They had these delicious creme brulee bites, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate souffle-type things, and these amazing pumpkin "burgers." Sooo good!

And us law school friends had a great reunion as well (minus our one friend Bryan who couldn't make it). Congratulations Annie and Dan!

anniewedding9 anniewedding6

Law School Reunion


Look at the desserts!



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