Monday, September 18, 2006

Saturday Night Live

My band Plastiq Passion played at the FMFB Festival this past Saturday at Blaggard's Pub. The venue was actually a nice, large, roomy, and respectable Irish pub in Midtown Manhattan. It just had this older, yuppie-ish vibe to it which made it a little different that the other places we played at. Maybe we're just used to seedy, punk venues. Haha.

We debuted a new song called “Standing in the Rain” which I wrote, arranged, and sang. We weren’t even sure we were going to do this since we’re still working on it. My friends have told me to sing more, but it’s difficult to play lead guitar and sing at the same time. But I’ll try my darndest to sing more, though.

All in all, we played a good show. We started out smoothly but I know we were a bit choppy towards the end. It was also hard to gauge the acoustics from where we were situated. I thought our sound levels were a little off, but oh well. And I was told that my friends could barely hear me sing (but I’m also soft-spoken like that!)

A lot of my friends came out which was great. I know my friend Girlie had a hand in cajoling some folks to come out. I always send out emails about upcoming shows but I really don’t expect my friends to come since most of them don’t even like the kind of music I play nor would they would even be familiar with our influences. I always feel apologetic when they come because I think they’re doing me a favor. I know I should just stop and let it be. I know my band is not the best band in the world, but I like our songs, we have fun, and that’s that.

Special shout outs to Girlie and Luke, Riss and Geo, Eileen Joy, Christina and Phil, my Tito Beng and Monica, and my cousin Mao and her friends for coming to my show! Hope you guys got a kick out of it! Do come again.

Plastiq Passion
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