Friday, August 11, 2006

Motherhood and other Musings (as always)

D-Day Approaches: D-Day is on August 21 and that’s when rockstar baby starts his daycare program. WAAAHHH! I started looking for a day care center around April and settled on one near our house (so it would central to both the hubs and I). Rockstar baby was supposed to start the same time I went back to work (first week of September), but a spot opened up earlier than expected and we had to take it or lose it. I just know I’m going to cry my eyes out when he starts. Heck, how are people supposed to work all day and not think about their babies?!! At least I’ll have a 2-week ‘grace period’ in the event that I suffer from a nervous breakdown and just have to go check up on him. As they say, it’s actually harder on the parent that it is on the child.

The 'shrieks' come out at night: Here’s rockstar baby in video! He gets shrieky fits and it's so funny. You just say any word and he'll act like you've said the most hilarious thing!

The Yaya Sisterhood: Unlike in the Philippines, having a yaya is not very common here (unless you can afford it). Some bloggers from the Philippines)have talked about how they go here and there with their nannies. I don’t have that kind of luxury and I sometimes think that it would be cool to have someone help you schlep your baby around. I think a nanny would definitely come in handy if you have more than one kid! At the same time though, I like doing things by myself. People always ask if my mom or mom-in-law helped me during the first few months –they didn’t. It was just the hubs and I, and I liked it that way. Having a personal chef and housekeeper on the other hand, would be the new hotness.

The Curse of the Frump! Once they become moms, some women fall victim to ‘the curse of the frump.’ You’ve seen it, I’m sure. Extreme versions include the soccer mom haircut, the unflattering mom jeans or lived-in sweatpants, the haggard-looking face. Milder versions include the tendency to wear the same thing over and over again and forgetting to shower on occasion. I told myself that I wouldn’t be that kind of mom and always look presentable whenever I go out. Well I got the curse for a month or so after giving birth –when you are running on 3 hours of sleep on a non-consecutive basis, putting on lipstick and finding a flattering outfit are just not top priority. Once I got the hang of the ‘new mom’ thing though, I straightened up. But no matter how tired I am, I always have and always will take a shower everyday no fail.

Baby Clothes! One of the many perks of being a mom is buying adorable (yet sometimes atrociously expensive) outfits for your baby. I went to town the other day buying rockstar baby clothes for the fall season. My favorite store for baby clothes is Old Navy, hands down! The outfits are uber-cute, affordable (even when not on sale), and very versatile. This season’s collection even has a ‘Li’l Rockstar’ line! I was in heaven when I saw it! But unfortunately, some shirts I wanted sold out in mere days that they even took it off their website!! They had shirts saying: Mommy is a Rockstar. And I couldn’t even buy it!! Gah! Argh! So I bought other stuff instead, and also bought some outfits from Baby Gap and The Children’s Place. How cute are these?!

The jacket says: I heart rock!

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Check out the cute elbow patches on the sweater, and cool kicks!

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Here's some pics as well! Enjoy!

Look mom, no hands!

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I Heart my rockstar baby...(the guitar is bigger than him!)

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P.S. CONGRATULATIONS to my friends Trish and Rol on their new baby Annika!

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