Monday, August 21, 2006

I Love the 90's: 1992

My parents’ house is in shambles at the moment. Our house is old (circa early 1900’s), and the pipes have never been replaced. A few weeks ago, a pipe burst on the second floor and flooded our kitchen with water, as well as the basement. We’re talking major damage here –complete with mold, massive structural damage, etc. Everything needs to be fixed, and my parents want to start from scratch. Our whole house has to be cleaned out and be put into storage so the remodeling can begin.

But I digress.

The whole point of this entry is to say that my dad dropped off about 6 boxes of my stuff that’s been sitting in our house since I can remember. These boxes are full of my crap –tons of books, memorabilia, and other things I’ve been hanging onto since the dawn of time. This includes my high school yearbooks. I went to a tiny private school in Los Angeles called Pilgrim School (we had a graduating class of 19 seniors when I left in 1995!). I started there in 1991, having gone to a huge inner-city junior high. All my friends went to other high schools, so when I got to Pilgrim, I didn't know a single soul and I was freaking miserable. When I started there though, I already had my own identity and my own views of the world. My life was outside Pilgrim, but everyone in school had been going there for years and the kids there were all sort of the same. It was a close-knit community, and I stuck out because I was new, plus I wasn't like everyone else.

Looking through these yearbooks made me all wistful and nostalgic about the past. High school wasn't bad at all, and I actually loved that time in my life. It's funny, I think I was so much more sure of myself back then versus my early twenties. And it's quite amusing to read the little notes that people sign in the back of your yearbook! It’s so funny to read them now, more than 10 years later! It shows you how people viewed me back then.

Here’s some blurbs:

“You are a very special person. Thanx for your friendship…I will always remember you…The girl in black…You’re very cool…and your individuality and
creativity gains my utmost admiration…”

“That’s a fresh piece of writing there! Even though we never started that
band, I still wanna jam with you sometimes. It’s been cool knowing you. It’s great to know someone who loves to wear black as much as me…”

“Well I’ll always remember the trademark black clothes. English was bullshit but we got some laughs…Your stories are fucking weird but I like them. They’re DEEP. Komkrit is forever on your jock but I guess you’re used to it! Have a summer.”

“Every guys desire. The girl in black. The one that wrote “The Girl.” The girl that likes The Cure. All of these sayings were just for you. You have a different personality and an unusual opinion of the world.”

My yearbook pic - 1992

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Can you just picture what I looked and who I was back then? And check out those huge-arse glasses! But let me just say, that some things never change. So what people wrote about me in 1992 can still apply today! Like the fact that I still love The Cure, that I write stories, and that I love live music. It just took me a while to get back to my roots.


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