Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend in Pictures: Rockstar Baby's Baptism and other Events

Thursday: July 13 – Plastiq Passion Does a Radio Show

My band Plastiq Passion had a live in-studio acoustic set on FJS Radio last Thursday – 7pm (EST). We were featured in the special 80’s edition of the Urban Assault Show. I totally forgot to send out the news, but some of my friends were able to listen to us live! (sorry Ms. Bugsy!) We’ll have the show in downloadable format at some point in time. We had a lot of fun and fielded some questions. I felt ‘almost famous!’

With DJ Tasteless T (aka Tico)
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Playing our tunes
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Saturday: July 15 – My Friend Sol’s Shower

My friend Sol is expecting her baby in October. This is her first child and we’re all so excited for her. The bad news is that she’s been on bed rest since week 20 of her pregnancy. But the good news is that she and the little kiddo are doing fine and she hasn't let bedrest get in the way of the fun part of having a baby! She got a lot of love (and gifts) on Saturday!

With Girlie and Sol
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With Sol, the Happy Momma-to-Be!
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Sunday: July 16 – Rockstar Baby’s Baptism!

Rockstar baby got baptized yesterday at our parish, Holy Trinity Church in Fort Lee. He held his cool amidst 99-degree weather. My friend Karen was his ninang, and I've known her since the 6th grade. She flew in all the way from Los Angeles for this little guy. His ninong is my brother-in-law. I wish our church allowed more than two sponsors, but unlike the churches in the Philippines, we could only pick one of each. Otherwise, we would've picked more family and friends!
We have a lot of pics of rockstar baby in his baptismal outfit –which is the same one that both my younger brothers wore for their baptism. It was a big and exciting day for my little guy (and for his parents too!) Before you know it, it’ll be time for his First Communion! *sniffle* Click here for the full album, but here are some pics:

Rockstar Baby in his Gown
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With the Proud Parents
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With Ninang Karen and Ninong Shawn
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Now, I'm off to dinner with Karen, Babs (her super sweet hubby), and friends. Plus, we are watching Wicked the musical tomorrow night!


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