Monday, June 26, 2006

The Non-Adventures of a Wanna-Be Rockstar

I went out last Friday night with my cousins and friends. Let me just say that getting together with my cousins is like pulling teeth. Between my cousin Zooey who is super-busy and never around, and my other cousin Mao (who just arrived here from the Philippines but is super-busy as well), it was hard to find the day and hour to meet up. Anyway, we ended up having drinks at 420 Lounge --this cheesy lounge popular with young grads in the Upper West Side.

But before that, my cousin Junior and I met up for dinner and shared an entire pitcher of sangria between the two of us (the pitcher serves 4-6 peepz!). At 420, we just chilled and drank some more. My friend Steve and his friends stopped by for a drink then headed somewhere else. Then my cousin Zooey and her bf stopped by as well but left to go to another lounge. I only had one more drink since I had to drive, plus I didn’t have a lot of money. The one drink I did have was already $8 and I just couldn’t afford to use my allowance on drinks! I remember talking shit and saying let’s go out again tomorrow night! I left around 1:45 am and I don’t know if they ended up at another bar. I didn’t get drunk (though my cousin Junior did!), but I did end up with a banging migraine for the next 2 days! Jeez. Fat chance of me going out again! Plus I was tired because rockstar baby did wake me up at 6:30 am the next day. Some kind of wanna-be rockstar I am! I feel so boring compared to everyone else. Then again, I'm not into drinking and getting drunk either. I was actually hoping to go dancing, but no dice.

Anyway, I am planning on going out again this coming Friday! I’m going to see We Are Scientists and I’m so excited! I luurve going to shows and bouncing around to the music. After that, I’m going to try to go to another lounge and meet up with friends. It should be a rockstar night.

Countdown to 30: Here's my next post in light of my upcoming birthday. Check out my birthday wishlist!

Me, Mao and Junior

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With Z, Willie, Mao, and Junior

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