Monday, May 29, 2006

My First Blogger “EB”

I had the pleasure of meeting TinTin (aka Pinayhekmi) this Memorial Day Weekend! It was also Fleet Week here in NYC so it was a great time for her to visit. It was so much fun meeting her and walking around NYC –albeit for a short period of time (I did have rockstar baby in tow and I had to go back home for a BBQ). I met her this past Sunday, along with my friend Girlie, and we had lunch at Cuba, a Cuban restaurant in the heart of the West Village. Poor TinTin got a little lost finding the restaurant, and I felt bad making her walk around and around in circles in 82-degree weather! Eventually, Girlie went to find her and she made it to the restaurant where we ate, chatted, took pictures, ate and chatted some more.

This is my first “EB” (and I didn’t even know EB meant “eyeball” until I asked Toni sometime last year) and it was a fun one at that! After lunch, we walked around the Village to take her to Magnolia Bakery –a small bakeshop popular for its amazingly sweet cupcakes (and made extra-popular by the show Sex and the City). When we got there, there was a massive line and we didn’t have the heart to stand there and wait. So we took pictures instead! We really did want Tin to have a Magnolia Cupcake though, so maybe next time? Then we back-tracked to get to Café Reggio’s (an old haunt of ours). Along the way, we even saw a Filipino Santa Cruzan parade complete with a Reyna Elena! Heck, who knew? In my 10 years of living here, I didn’t even know about this parade! At Café Reggio’s, we met up with Woody (Tin’s hubby) and their friend Scott. Unfortunately, I had to leave early but would’ve loved to spend more time with them.

Meeting and chatting with Tin was like hanging out with a friend I've known for a long time (and it helps that I know so much about her via her blog). She’s such a gorgeous, sweet, and friendly person (and I am a little shy so it was great that she was so open and warm). Do come back next time Tin! We’ll take you to more places to eat and go out dancing!

Tin, Girlie, and Me @ Cuba Restaurant
(again, pardon my goofy smile)
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At Magnolia Bakery - Check out the line in the back!
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