Monday, February 13, 2006

Random Blurbs and Weekend Updates

  • Let It Snow! So my neck of the woods got a record-breaking 26.9 inches of snow this weekend! Both NYC and Connecticut set all-time records for single-storm snowfall. This past Friday, they were only predicting about a foot of snow; but come Sunday morning, we all woke up to a veritable winter wonderland! All this snow and I can't go snowboarding! Today would've been the perfect day to do it too since I didn't have work. season it is!

  • Cabin Fever: The hubs and I stayed in all night Saturday and all day Sunday since there was a snowstorm and all. We were very productive though and worked on moving furniture out of the nursery-to-be and into our room. This is what we did: 1) Move our TV and stand out of our room; 2) Move our bed to the middle of the room to make space (this meant taking out the spring box, mattress, and pushing the frame); 3) Move a 9-drawer dresser and mirror into our room; 4) Clean the furniture involved and vacuum the floors; 5) Move back the TV to where it was, and then 6) Put the bed back together again. I felt bad for the hubs who had to do most of the heavy lifting (of the TV and the dresser), but I was happy to help. We also used furniture moving discs which worked great. The only time the hubs had to lift the dresser was to go over certain floorboards.

  • Baby Shower: My co-worker organized a "surprise" baby shower for me at work last Thursday, Feb. 9th. It would've been a great surprise, had it not been for the fact that she had to tell me about it because I actually had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon of Feb. 9th! Since I was planning to be out of the office, she had to tell me to reschedule my appointment! Haha... The shower turned out to be lovely, though it was a bit intimidating to be the center of attention at work. There was cake, drinks, and other goodies and there was a big turn-out. I received some very lovely presents including a kick-ass rocking horse from another co-worker of mine. I love it! And yes, I even sat on it already as did the hubs! It's the coolest thing, and I'll post a pic as soon as my Adobe Photoshop stops acting up.

  • What the Doctor Said: So during my latest visit last Thursday, the doc informed me that I was almost 2 cm dilated! Being 2 cm dilated doesn't really mean anything --you need to be a whopping 10-cm dilated for the baby to come out! So for me, there is no rush to go to the hospital yet. I have had no contractions (not even the “fake” kind aka Braxton-Hicks contractions), no pain yet, and am definitely not in labor at the moment. Most docs will advise you to go to the hospital for 2 main reasons: 1) when your water breaks and 2) when your contractions are about 5 minutes apart for about an hour (barring any other type of emergency, of course). Unlike in the movies where it seems water-breaking is common, only about 1-in-10 women have their water break spontaneously. Most women experience contractions at home and then go to the hospital. Yikes. I am so not looking forward to the pain! So I'm definitely on track, but who knows when I'll actually go into labor. Since I am 37 weeks preggo, the baby can definitely come at any point in time now --my family thinks I'll deliver a bit early. Let's see what the doc says again this coming check-up on Thursday.

  • Only 17 More Days to Go! According to our baby counter, it's only going to be a little more than 2 weeks before the little bunny comes! Physically, I'm pretty ready to have the kiddo. It's really feeling very tight in my belly --whenever the kiddo moves, I feel like my belly is stretching to the limits and the kid's going to come out Alien-style! Plus, getting a good night's sleep is harder to come by since I'm just not comfortable and even switching sides is a big production. Emotionally ready? Hm...that's another story and another post altogether.

  • Shopping Spree: Since I was cooped up all weekend, I went out today for a little shopping spree. So far, the shopping I've done for the past 5 months or so was dedicated purely to the little bebe. I'm still intent on getting stuff for the nursery and baby clothes. I've been meaning to get a rug for the kid's room and today, I actually found a decent one for a great price! Man, I love Target! To think I was actually going to shell out $300+ for a rug at Pottery Barn (I was willing to splurge a bit). I also bought a Valentine's Day present for the hubs today, and I splurged on a new bag for me. I don't know why, but I really dig the new tokidoki line for LeSportsac. I got me the Buon Viaggio style tote which I figure I can also use a diaper bag since it's roomy enough. I think it's cute and whimsical. Very non-grown up and very anime-ish (I'm a big anime fan).

  • Happy Valentine's Day! I baked some chocolate cupcakes today and bought candy to give out to my co-workers tomorrow. I also wrapped up the hubs' present. We're not actually going out to dinner tomorrow, but we are going to have dinner together this coming Friday at L'Ecole. I can't wait!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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