Monday, January 16, 2006

Our Baby-on-the-Way Party….

Bottles and booties, diapers and more,
Let’s shower the parents with baby gifts galore!

This past Saturday was our baby-on-the-way party/shower. My mom and friends Girlie and Trish organized the festivities and it turned out great! I didn’t want a shower where there were only ladies present. The hubs and I wanted to have a big fiesta with all our friends there, but we didn’t want it to be in some hall or restaurant. Luckily, my aunt was gracious enough to let us use her lovely home for the party!

We had a great turnout. There were about 60+ people I would say (even with a few cancellations the day of the party). There was tons of food: chicken satay, pork BBQ, beef kaldereta, Thai fried rice, breaded shrimp, baked ziti, plus ginatan and cassava cake for dessert. There were lots of activities such as the baby trivia game where guests got divided up into teams and the team captain (dressed as a baby!) had to run to the front to deliver the answer. This resulted in a stampede and lots of yelling and craziness! We also had boxes where people could enter and win a prize if they guess the sex and weight of the baby and guess the baby’s birth date and time correctly. We also put out a photomat for people to sign (in lieu of a guest book).

The hubs and I had a lot of fun and were really happy to have our good friends there to share the day with us. We also received a lot of fabulous gifts from very generous people! Baby gifts are definitely a perk to look forward to when you’re expecting! We’ve been getting numerous packages in the mail (we have tons of boxes to pull apart and recycle), and we received even more presents on the day of the shower.

Thank you to all our friends and family for being there! Thank you to Girlie and Trish who put in a lot of time and effort in making our shower one fun, memorable party (the three of us personally handmade most of the decorations and they came out beautifully)! Thank you also to our parents (the future grandparents) for the food, the cake, and all their help!

The invitation
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Diaper Cake that Trish made!
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Gifts Galore!
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Baby Trivia: Who knows the answer?
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The hubs and I with the future grandparents
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Girlie, Trish (and baby Alex), and Moi
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Five Locas United! (Girlie, Sol, Me, Gail, and Trish)
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Future Mom and Dad
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Click here for more pictures.
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