Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Kat’s Day Off!

I don’t have work today courtesy of Election Day. It’s so nice to have a day-off mid-week so you can run errands. And since I'm not eligible to vote yet, I thought I'd do other productive things. Here’s my to-do list in no particular order:

  • Go to Chinatown for lunch and visit my favorite noodle dive: Wonton Garden (haven’t been there in years!)

  • Pick up my passport and visa from the Italian Consulate (Viva Italia! Only 11 more days to go!)

  • Visit my friends Trish and Rol and their uber-cute bebe Alex –as well as check out invitations that Trish kindly ordered for my baby shower.

  • Walk around Soho and the West Village for some form of cardio (and shopping I might add).

  • Come back home and do some housework (like clean up my desk full of bills and junk mail).

  • Buy groceries since there’s nothing in the fridge.

  • Go to the cleaners to alter my brand new Citizens of Humanity Maternity jeans (yes, I actually splurged with the help of a $70 gift certificate…but I live in jeans outside of work so I think it’s worth it).

  • Play guitar and go over songs for Plastiq Passion's first-ever gig this coming Thursday! (ye gods…can you say terrified? Although since it’s a midnight show, I highly doubt anyone will be there!)

Okay, I best run off and actually get ready. Have a great week everyone!

Song of the Day:

Between Us & Them by Moving Units

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