Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dim Sum Sunday

My stomach was already growling by the end of Mass this morning, so I asked the hubs if we could go out for dim sum afterwards –my treat. There is a restaurant within walking distance from our house that serves excellent dim sum on the weekends. We don’t even have to go to Chinatown, which is good because the hubs hates going there.

Today, we feasted on pork fried rice, seafood dumplings, steamed shrimp dumpling (shrimp har gow), fried dumplings, and pork siomai/shumai. Click here for a sampling. We were very full and even had leftovers to take home. After the meal, I did attempt to pay (since I did tell the hubs that I was treating him!), but it turns out that they only accept American Express. While I do have an Amex card, I don’t use it at all because it's a card I've been trying to pay off. So it turns out, the hubs treated me after all. Hehehe.

I’ve been enjoying dim sum for as long as I can remember. I first started eating dim sum (also known as "yum cha") in the Philippines with my parents and relatives. I remember going to this restaurant called 'Peach Blossoms’ in Edsa (or at least I think it was in Edsa?) and eating fried shrimp balls. They were so good, and I would end up eating the whole thing by myself (they come in four pieces). I also recall my relatives ordering and eating ‘Adidas’ which is their colloquial term for the steamed chicken feet dish. I totally remember not eating that! Although when I got a little older, I did try it and I did like it. To this day though, I would never order it for myself.

Now, I’m happy that the hubs and I have this semi dimsum ritual going on. We don’t go every Sunday, but we always go at least once a month. Our other rituals include going to IHOP for breakfast, and going to our local Japanese supermarket Mitsuwa for udon and ramen. Yum! I can’t wait to come up with a new Sunday ritual once the kid comes!

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Quick Update: A few minutes after I typed this, I realized that dumb-ass me left my purse in the restaurant!! I ran over to get it and thank heavens it was there, intact, with everything inside! Shites!! I can be such a dumb-ass!!
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