Sunday, October 2, 2005

Across the Narrows

I went to the Across the Narrows show yesterday. The hubs was sweet enough to accompany me. The show was held at the Richmond Ballpark in Staten Island and it turned out to be a very nice venue with a view of the water.

Interpol rocked! This is the 4th time I've seen them live and they just get better and better! I even hung around the stage hoping to get a picture with them. Damn, I'm such a groupie! Hahaha...

Some photos:

Me at the show...this is officially the baby's first concert (albeit in utero)!
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Daniel dreamy!
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Carlos D. looking cool as usual...
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After the show, we went to our friend's 30th birthday party, which was conveniently located in Staten Island as well. We chilled, ate tons of food and birthday cake, and watched the boxing match between Tarver vs. Jones (which was big let down!). We didn't get home until after 1 am and I was dead-tired. I'm actually supposed to see Interpol again tonight, but I think I'll take it easy and park my ass in front of the couch instead!

In other news...

I'll be taking a short hiatus from blogging for the time being... I have tons of re-organization to do around the house. My big project is cleaning out my closet: I have to put away my summer clothes and clothes that no longer fit me; make room for my winter and maternity clothes; and clean out the room that will become our nursery! I'm even thinking of painting even though preggos should avoid it. Don't worry, I'll ask my doc for the final verdict before starting a painting project.

The hubs and I will be also be taking a short holiday to Miami, Florida in a couple of weeks. I'll be back, hopefully with more new tales to tell.

Have a great week folks!

Song of the day:
Train in Vain by The Clash
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