Sunday, September 18, 2005

Weekend in Pictures

I went to AC this weekend to attend a convention for work. We left work a little early on Friday and drove down. The convention is from Friday to Sunday, but I only stayed overnight and came back Saturday evening. I had a lot of fun --well the most fun I could have being the only sober person in the room! hahaha... I did take a lot of pictures, but I can only post a couple safely.

Atlantic City Boardwalk by Day
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Partying it Up
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While getting ready in my room, I heard this weird noise and looked outside my window. Lo and behold, it was the Trump Helicopter landing on the Trump Casino across from us. I saw 3 figures come out, but I'm pretty sure none of them was the Donald himself!

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AC is considered to be the "Vegas" of the East Coast. So although there were casinos-a-plenty, I didn't gamble at all because of the nasty smell of cigarette smoke! Ick, could not stand it even for a hand! Instead, I went shopping. I tried to find a suit for myself and tried on a size bigger than the ones I usually wear, but no dice. I ended up buying yet another hoodie (I seem to buy hoodies even though I've already own several!) and clothes! I know I really shouldn't buy anything just yet, but it was on sale and they were so cute!

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I tried to buy "gender-neutral" clothes but I'm pretty partial to blue (hence the blue sleeper with the cute yellow duckie and even cuter blue booties!). The hubs was nonplussed when I showed him the outfits. Then he said something about how the baby won't be here for a while and we can get all that stuff later. Okay, true, I know. I wasn't even planning on buying any baby-related stuff until I was well into my 7th month, but it was there and I thought it would be cute to buy it. Buying baby stuff is pretty darn fun! I did manage to buy other stuff for myself like this lotion set. I'm not really into scented lotions and the like, but I saw this on-line and figured I'd pamper myself. I only get to be a 'first-time mom-to-be' once in my life,' right?

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Song of the Day:
Terror! by The Rakes
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