Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing

The trouble with maternity wear: My parents came back from the Philippines last Saturday with pasalubongs. My titas over there were very thoughtful enough to buy me some maternity clothes. The problem is, they are not exactly my type of clothes. I know I’m probably coming off like a spoiled brat, but these clothes are a little on the “frumpy” side. I’m really picky when it comes to clothing. I have my own style and I know what I like and don’t like. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be wearing these clothes. One outfit is this white, peasant-style blouse. This is actually pretty, if it weren’t for the puffy, gathered short sleeves with elastic on it. The matching pants are bright red with a white panel (for your tummy). Oh, and did I mention they were a size large? There are a couple of dresses that are actually cute, except that again, they are a size large. I guess my titas must think I’m the size of an elephant or something since the smallest thing they got was a medium. All the rest was large and XL! Ye gods. Of course I do appreciate the gesture. I especially like the fact that all of them fit correctly height-wise. Unfortunately, I can’t wear any of it to work, which is what I need the most.

I tried with all my might, but I just have to give up on reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. I hardly ever NOT finish a book; in fact, the only other time I can remember doing so is when I tried to read J.G. Ballard's Crash. I gotta say, Wicked is one hard book to get through. I usually dig fantastical novels and the like, but this one (in my opinion) was too pretentious, verbose, and too darn annoying to get through (even if I did want to see how she became wicked). Nuts.

Right Place, Wrong Time:
My friend Girlie threw a nice little BBQ last Sunday at her home. The invite stated the date and the time, and all of us got there just fine. The hubs and I were a little late since we had another party to go to first, but all in all, we got there at a decent hour. Now our friend Sol calls me yesterday (which was Monday) to ask “Hey? When’s Girlie’s BBQ? Was it yesterday?” I said yes, of course it was. Turns out, Sol was at Girlie’s house that very minute, ringing her doorbell for the BBQ. She drove 2 hours to the BBQ on the wrong day! All I could say was that she was crazy! Sol is our perpetually late friend, but this is by far the tardiest she’s ever been to an event! 24 hours late and then some!

Concert Calendar: I'm trying to watch as many shows as possible. I figure after the little bunny pops out, I won't have the opportunity to go 'gallivating.' So I'm going to check out the White Stripes on September 24, and Across the Narrows on October 1 featuring Interpol and the Killers! Kick-ass!

To my bunny: I want to give a shout-out to the hubs for being such a sweetie. Yesterday, he did all the vacuuming and cleaning of the house and cooked me dinner! Aw! Well, he normally does do all the vacuuming and other house chores (like throw out the trash, yardwork, etc.) but yesterday, he did all that and cleaned the bathrooms (which is what I usually do). Then he fired up the grill and cooked me some hotdogs for dinner. All I did yesterday was lounge around and read! What a sweet guy.

Song of the Day:
PDA by Interpol
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