Monday, June 13, 2005

The Hottest Wedding Ever!

This weekend, I went to the wedding of my good friends Rupal and Samir. Rupal and I met in law school and have been friends ever since. Rupal and Samir have been together since they were young --as in the 7th grade! They are very much like "Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper" of Wonder Years fame. They grew up in the town of Vestal, NY (a 2-minute drive from each other's houses), their families are close friends, they went to high school together, went to the prom together, went to college together, and then headed to NYC together (but independently) to pursue their careers. Now, they are finally going to live together as well! Roops (as we like to call her) is now a successful immigration attorney, and Samir is on his was to becoming a doctor (he's in the residency phase). They are such the golden couple and my heart just goes out to them! Their wedding ceremony was a traditional Gujarati ceremony and was held at the Decker Mansion in Binghamton, NY. The reception was held at the Holiday Inn Binghamton --in the very same ballroom in which they had their high school prom. How sweet is that?!

I can honestly say that this was the HOTTEST wedding ever because it was well over 80+ degrees that day, and the reception hall was having issues with their air conditioning. That did not deter 400 of us guests from dancing up a storm though!

Best wishes to them both! Here is their wedding in pictures:

The Barat: The groom, his family, and friends.
They do a celebratory dance as they walk towards the ceremony.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Where the Ceremony Took Place:
The ceremony is conducted in the holy Indian language of Sanskrit
Image hosted by

Sonal, Rupal's Sister as she walks down the aisle...
Image hosted by

Rupal, looking gorgeous as she walked down the aisle by a family member...
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The Family
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The hubs and I:
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Bride and Groom at the Reception:
Image hosted by

Wedding Guests:
Image hosted by

Father of the Bride:
Image hosted by

Indian Stick Dance
(very fun! unfortunately, I don't know the traditional name for it!)
Image hosted by

Belly Dancer!
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Roops and the Gals:
Image hosted by

Cake Cutting
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Song of the Day:
Lovesong by The Cure
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