Sunday, May 15, 2005

Saturday Night Fever

I had an excellent Saturday night out on the town. Actually, the festivities started on Thursday night. Girlie organized a surprise birthday party for our friend Steve (an Aussie transplant). She made dinner for all of us which consisted of: Chilean Sea Bass; Spicy Porkchops; Fennel Salad; Mashed Sweet Potatoes; Green Beans Almondine; and Creme Brulee for dessert. She's an amazing cook folks, and her parties are always spectacular. Click here for Girlie's account of the fiesta (and pictures as well). Here are some of my pics from Thursday:
Me, Girlie, Ray, Ed, Steve, and Riss

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Top L-R: Mike, George, and Trish (with Baby Alex)
Middle L-R: Ray, Steve, Me, and Rol
Bottom L-R: Girlie, Luke, Riss, Mark, and Ed
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On Saturday, the gang went out to dinner and then out for drinks and dancing. We had some very interesting pictures, to say the least. Here are a few not-so-scandalous ones:

Dinner at Vatan (L-R: Girlie, Ray, Ed, Steve, Luke, and moi in the back).
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Drinks and Dancing at People Lounge
Striking a Pose
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Come Here Often?
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Get into the Groove
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Dance USA
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Who Sharted?
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And lastly....HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY STEVE!!

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