Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Past Five Days

I normally don't have jam-packed weekends despite being a 'rockstar' and all, but this past weekend was excellent!

-I took a vacation day and worked on our bathroom. I basically primed the bathroom so that I’ll be ready to paint them come next weekend. The bathroom is not by any means huge, but it took me a couple of hours to do because the painting is mostly on the ceiling and I had to move around a lot.

-that night, I went out for drinks at Bob's to celebrate a friend getting sworn in to the NJ Bar. Met up with my friend Steve and his new friend Aex. Suffice it to say, Alex was a bit keen on me and was ‘all up in my business.’ He just moved to NYC from Chicago and we chatted for a bit. We also danced a lot and he kept talking to me. I just found it amusing. I beckoned to Steve “Hey! Doesn’t your friend know that I’m married?” Steve laughed and said he’d talk to him. Well I didn’t want to seem bitchy nor did I want to make a big deal out of it. Like I said, I found it more amusing than anything else. So we danced and that was that. I told Steve, “well if he thinks I’m cute, wait till he meets Girlie!” I told the hubs about him and described how he flirted with me the whole night. Then I told the hubs that Alex would be at the party that we were going to next night. I jokingly told the hubs to tell Alex to step down. The hubs just laughed and said “finally! Someone else can take you off my hands! “ Sweet, huh? Still it’s nice to know that someone else find you fairly attractive and not old and busted.

-went to a bridal shower in Tribeca for my friend Rupal (who is getting married in early June). The shower was hosted by her sister Sonal and held in the apartment of Sonal's boyfriend Dave. Dave is British. (I just want to add that). And can I just say, his flat is amazing!! It’s a 3-story flat complete with an outdoor deck where you can BBQ! The shower was held on the deck; Sonal and friends decorated it quite wonderfully with beautiful flowers and ethnic accents. But more on the flat. I’m gushing about it because it’s just hotness! It’s huge with high ceilings, wooden floors, a spiral staircase, and 2.5 baths! One floor was set especially for their bedroom. The second floor is the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The top floor is their recreational/study area complete with a pool table! Dave is into art so he had actual art pieces all over the house (as opposed to the prints I get from IKEA). The shower was fun and the girls and I felt like we were on someone's porch out in the Hamptons. All we needed was pool!

-that night, the hubs and I went out to a friend’s graduation party at this joint called Stay. We met up with Steve again, and his friend Alex. The same Alex who hit on me the night before. Lo and behold, the hubs and Alex chatted for a looong time and hit it off! Later that evening Alex was soo cute and said "I just want to apologize for being so forward with you the other day." Aw! How sweet? After that, we had a good laugh and even planned to play a prank on Steve. Heheh.. But we didn't. It was all good. I must say, Alex will now be a regular fixture when we all hang-out.

-went to meet up with my friends Rupal and Annie in Edison, NJ (which is about 45 minutes away from me). We met in the heart of what seemed like little India. Roops (as we like to call her) went to Sheetal, this amazing store to try out her wedding saris. Sheetal is supposed to be ‘up there’ (e.g., think Barney’s of India). She looked so gorgeous. She tried on a slew of saris along with the traditional headgear and jewelry. Roops’ parents were there as well. Annie and I tagged along so that we can check out the merchandise. Annie ended up buying a salwar kameez type of set (top and pants) and a sheer poncho-like blouse. I ended up buying some bangles and a poncho as well. Before going home, I stopped to buy some Indian food (I luuuurve Indian food) and a mango lassi. Yum!

-that night, I went out to dinner with the Five Locas. We tried out this new joint called Lure Fishbar and had a fabulous dinner. Check out Girlie’s blog for the pic (as the batteries in my camera died).

-went out for my cousin Zooey's "Sweet 16" Party at the Leopard Lounge (part of Sin Sin Lounge). Fun times! The theme was "think pink" so I wore black. Okay, I wore a black shirt with a hot pink tank underneath as well as my hot pink heels. I went out with Steve and A again (for like, the 3rd time in a row almost!). I left the party early, but Steve and A apparently closed down the fort!

My cousin Zooey and I
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Steve --the Life of the Party
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Z and Friends
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Steve and Z
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The Cousins
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Moi and the infamous Alex
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Song of the Day:
Oh My God by Kaiser Chiefs
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