Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Musings on The Month of May

I've always thought of May as my mom's month. Her birthday is on May 6, Mother's Day is usually around the corner from that, and my parents' wedding anniversary is on May 17th. (Incidentally, my mom-in-law's birthday was on May 1st). This year, my mom turns 53. My parents will be celebrating 30 years of marriage. I'm treating them to dinner and brunch. We are also going on a family cruise to celebrate.

My mom was diagnosed with 'Type 2' diabetes a few weeks ago. It was hardly a suprise to her since her doctor warned her last year that she was "borderline diabetic." He told her to watch her diet, start exercising, and to stay away from sugar and non-complex carbs. Well she did watch her diet; she started taking 1-hour walks with my dad early in the morning before work; and she stopped eating rice with most of her meals. She doesn't eat junk foods like I do, and her only real 'vice' is soda --which she has stopped drinking a long time ago. Unfortunately, her doctor advised her that she officially has Type 2 diabetes. Aside from my mom, diabetes doesn't really run in our family. Her diagnoses shows that what you eat and your lifestyle really will affect you. She also has a high cholesterol level (which I apparently got from her) that she is successfully trying to decrease, and she's working on trying to get more exercise. She's advised me to watch my chocolate intake and other fun stuff. The doctor gave her medication and she's doing fine.

I'm just plain worried though. My mom is the rock of the family and I really don't know what I would do if anything happened to her. I really hope she takes care of herself. I know diabetes is not the world's biggest deal in contrast to other diseases, but it's a disease nonetheless. It affects her and it affects the whole family. I just hope she is careful.

Other News from the Homefront

  • Houston, we have a problem: We have a leak in the house. Specifically, the leak is somewhere behind the shower wall. The hubs and I think the pipe burst or there's some sort of hole in it. Fixing it would require a plumber to tear down the shower wall to get to the pipe, then putting the shower wall back in place. Right now, we can't leave the water on at all. We close the main water valve and only open the valve on a 'per-use basis' which basically sucks. I can't just turn on the water to the dishes or wash my hands. We literally have to go to the basement, turn on the water, use it, then go back and turn off the valve. We've been living with it for about 2 weeks now and are in the process of getting estimates. So far, we think it'll be over $2K to fix. Ye gods.

  • The Thin Envelope: My dad got the dreaded "thin envelope" in the mail. He applied to Columbia and Yale for his LL.M degree this past winter and just got word from them that they were not going to accept him. He was quite sad, my mom said. I'm very disappointed for him. My dad wants to pursue an LL.M because one of his retirement goals is to go back to the Philippines and teach law in some sort of capacity. He thinks an LL.M would be helpful in obtaining that goal. His other plan is to start working again with his former boss and be of-counsel to his company. In fact, he just had dinner with them less than a month ago to chat about old times and talk shop. Right now, my dad has his own practice specializing in personal injury and immigration. He used to be a corporate attorney in the Philippines and I think he misses that kind of action (i.e., complex litigation, M&A's, etc.). I think he wants some sort of intellectual stimulation again. I thought for sure that he would get in. My dad is brilliant. He's the kind of attorney I can only hope to be. He had scholarships for both Ateneo (undergrad) and U.P. Law. and worked with the top firms of the Philippines. Perhaps he just wasn't mean to go this year.

  • And the band plays on: My bandmate Jesica (singer and rhythm guitarist of the band) is sick. As in she's in the hospital sick. She was admitted to the hospital last Friday (April 22nd) and will continue to be there until early next week. So far, the doctors told her that she has a viral infection that cannot be beat with antibiotics alone. They kept her in there because she is severely dehydrated; is constantly dizzy and nauseated; cannot eat; and has a running fever. She's a trooper though. She wants the band to practice in the hospital! She's been asking her mom to bring her guitar. The doctors were not amused when brought up the idea of giving a free rock concert in the middle of the ward. Hahaha.

  • Controller.Controller: Saw the band Controller.Controller last Saturday at the Bowery Ballroom. They opened up for another band called 'Death From Above 1979' who I don't really dig. Controller.Controller was amazing! They had a lot of energy and kept the crowd fully engaged throughout their short set. At the beginning, they announced that they had just lost their guitarist (as in I think he quit) and their van broken into 2 days ago. So they were quite apologetic for the little bit of disorganization. They borrowed the guitarist from the previous opener 'Uncut'. Mid-way, they also had to borrow a snare drum because theirs busted. Even with all the funky things going on, they played a very tight set. Funny thing was that my friend and I just bought some shirts at the merchandise booth. A very nice woman sold us the shirts. To our surprise, the very same woman went up on stage. Apparently, she was the singer of Controller.Controller and we didn't even recognize her! Talk about your faux-pas! But we are fans of the band! Really!
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