Friday, May 6, 2005

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day!

Friday was my mother's 53rd birthday. Here's a picture we took together in 2001. Isn't she gorgeous?

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My mom is very fashionable. I remember when I was little (still in grade school), she got 2 additional ear piercings on each ear. Back then, it was only common to have one piercing on each ear! She would always drag me shopping to buy my the latests frocks and funky outfits. Of course back then, I did not appreciate clothing or shopping for that matter. I hated wearing dresses and gave her the hardest time when she dressed me up. Now, of course, it's me who drags her shopping. From her, I've learned the importance of dressing professionally, being well-groomed, looking put-together, and doing it all without needing to buy expensive things.

My mom is very kind, lively, friendly, out-going, and always the life of the party. I think some of my friends like hanging out with her more than me! She can strike up a conversation with virtually anyone and end up making a new friend. I, on the other hand, am more quiet and reserved (like my dad). We're fine with her running the show. She's a great hostess and a great entertainer. She certainly loves to sing! When we were still living in the Philippines, our house was broken into and the only thing they stole was my mom's "minus-one" (aka karaoke machine). My uncle joked "Siguro, ninakaw nila dahil hindi nila ma-stand yung boses mo!"

My mom has also instilled in us kids the importance of being generous. She has always encouraged us to give to others who are less fortunate. She's also kept our extended family together even though we are all in different parts of the world.

Thanks mom, for always being there for me and the family! I truly appreciate everything that you do.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there!
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