Tuesday, May 17, 2005

52 Days to Go

The inevitable is coming: my 29th birthday. It’s the last year where I can say I’m in my twenties. It’s not so much that I feel old (although I do). It’s more like I’m leaving something behind. 29 just seems like an odd age. If you say you’re 29, it’s almost as if you’re lying and not ready to admit that you’re really 30. The person asking will be thinking, “Yeah right! Sure you're 29! You’re a 30-year-old who just can’t admit it!”

Well they do say ‘30’ is the new ‘20.’ So it’s more like I’m turning 19, right? Shites. I am old. Boo. I guess I should pop out a kid now. I don’t want my first baby when I’m thirty-something. I don’t want to be an old mom, but I can’t quite give up the rockstar life right now. Not that I am a rockstar. Well, in my head, I am one. =) I can certainly be a rockstar mom though, right?

The good thing about turning older is that you get birthday gifts! I love getting presents (especially impromptu ones)! On your birthday, you have the liberty to create a wish list without seeming like a complete moocher (or so I like to think). Here’s my birthday wishlist. I’ve also taken the liberty of posting key wishlist items on the column on the right.

Click here for my birthday wishlist.

I’m not having a party this year. I’ll be on a cruise with my family during my birthday (going on holiday is a great way to celebrate your birthday). For my 30th birthday, however, I think I’ll throw a huge-ass shindig complete with open bar, hot chicks dancing in tiny bikinis, massive amounts of good food, a rock band destroying their instruments, and all my friends. It’ll be a raging party! Okay, that’s just wishful thinking on my part. In reality, I'm more of a low-key celebration-type-girl. But I will celebrate my 30th in some way, shape or form.

15 Days to Go

June 1st will be our 4th wedding anniversary. Time flies when you are having fun. To celebrate, we are going to Miami, Florida with a few of our friends for Memorial Day weekend. We’ll be there from May 27th-31st as an early celebration. For the fourth wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is flowers, and the modern anniversary gift is linen/silk. I told the hubs I’d like some flowers delivered to me at some point in time (although I would like it even more if I got flowers without having to ask! *ahem*).

Today is my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. The traditional anniversary gift is pearls, and the modern anniversary gift is diamonds! I am certainly looking forward to getting some bling-bling!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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Tyrant by The Bravery
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