Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Random Musings, etc....
  • Why do you have so much crap to do at work right before you leave for holiday? It's always the case! And of course, your 'to-do pile' doubles when you get back...
  • This weekend, I'll be wearing a bikini again for the first time since August 2004. I still have my winter weight on! Ye gods!! And of course, I feel fat and bloated and PMS-y.
  • Last night, I had dinner with the judge I clerked with 2 years ago along with all his former law clerks. It was great! I was initially not going to go since I was soo tired, but hey, the prospect of a free dinner outweighed the sleepiness and laziness in me. It was great to catch up with my old boss and meet his old clerks. It's also very interesting how diverse people's paths are after clerking. For example, one of his old clerks no longer practices law and is instead, one of the managers for Human Resources at Goldman Sachs. Another law clerk is a speaker on the issue of drunk driving across the nation --he gets paid honorariums to speak at different venues across the country. He's very passionate about this issue because he was hit by a drunk driver during college, suffered severe brain injuries and was actually in a coma for almost a year! But he persevered and lo and behold, is now a very successful speaker/lawyer. Aside from moi, there was also another clerk who ended up as a prosecutor. It's just cool to see where people end up.
  • I am so hungry all of the time. I'm such a big eater, it's almost obscene. On any given day, I eat upwards of 2,500 calories which is waay too much considering I'm such a short, stubby person. Ick. I disgust myself. I am craving chocolate like a fiend....*sigh*
  • I just read my friend's Girlie's account of her trip to Orlando. The hubs was a bit jealous! He's a big golfer and would have loved to be there! Last year alone, he went golfing almost every weekend in the spring, summer, and fall. (Which is why some of the home improvements went by so slowly...hee-hee).
  • I think that's it. Gotta go home and do more work! See! I actually have to bring work home tonight just to finish it...and only because I'm going on holiday tomorrow!
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