Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Rage Against the Machine

Ever been so mad that you could actually beat someone up with your rage? Last night, I went to an open mic show with a friend. We circled the area a few times looking for parking. After about 10 minutes, we found a spot. I backed into it and started to park. It’s a skinny street, and there was a car behind me. The car behind me, however, apparently could not wait. The driver squeezed in order to go through, fully aware that I was parking. I had just literally pulled in and there he goes, squeezing and SCRATCHING my car. My car that I had just picked up from the auto-body shop about a week ago because I got into an accident. I honk my horn furiously and leap out of my seat, yelling. But the son-of-a-bitch-ass driver did not stop and sped away. I squinted furiously trying to get his license plate number, but alas, no dice. F*cking-A. I could just about scream and throw a rock at his window. But I was helpless, my car was still not fully parked, I had a friend in the passenger seat almost as mad as me, and I couldn’t do a thing. I checked out the damage. Big-ass scratch of course in the driver side (by the wheel). The same exact area that was damaged in my previous accident and had just gotten fixed. And the thing that totally gets me is that if the bastard had just waited for at least 1 more second, this wouldn’t have happened. He totally did it on purpose. It’s not that I was taking long to park or anything. After all, I had just literally pulled in for all of 10 seconds. I just need to straighten out. Instead, he squeezed his way through damaging my car, and I’m sure, his own car as well. Stupid piece of sh*t!!!

When I got home, I recounted the story to the hubs and he was like “you didn’t call the police?! Why not?!” Well, why bother? I had no information. No license plate. Nada. But he insisted that at least there would’ve been a record of the incident and I could get my insurance to pay for the damage. It didn’t seem worth it to me at the time. I was just too shocked and pissed off the guy’s audacity to just leave the scene of an accident. Maybe I should’ve filed a report. *sigh*

I have lost all hope in humanity. I am fed up. I know that in light of everything, what happened to me is hardly a tragedy. But it’s people like that bastard who contribute to the overall degradation of society and makes everyone else’s life miserable. I really think so.

Needless to say, I was in a foul mood when I actually got to the open mic. I checked out the place with a couple of bandmates to see if we could perform there. My mood was slightly uplifted when I heard the folks perform. All of them were excellent. They had great original music. There was this one kid who looked about 15 years old and he was amazing. He cheered me up a bit…that is, until I walked back to my car and saw the scratch again. F*cking-A.
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