Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mere Mortals

Our godfather passed away on Valentine’s Day. He was our ninong at our wedding and the hubs and his family have known him for many, many years. I’ve only known him for a short time, but I always enjoyed spending time with him and his family. They live in Cape May, close to Atlantic City, and going to their parties was always fun and joyous.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer last year around the summer. He had undergone several operations and recovered very quickly. He was up and about and traveling again in no time. Then earlier this year, he relapsed and doctors found more things wrong with his lungs. He was in the hospital back and forth. This past week, doctors stated his lungs could no longer operate normally (as only 7% of his lungs could function). Then on Valentine’s Day, he passed. It just all seems so fast.

The hubs and I were discussing how life is just full of surprises. My mom-in-law always said that we are all just living on borrowed time. I agree. There’s nothing like hearing about death to make you realize about how much you should appreciate life.
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