Sunday, January 2, 2005

Tales of a Lazy-Ass Mo’ Fo

I took the whole week off work starting from Dec. 23th to Dec. 31st (note: I did have Dec. 24th and Dec. 31st off). I didn’t do jack shit aside from the obligatory Christmas shopping and running-around I had to do (and of course, celebrating Christmas & New Year’s). Man, I felt so decadent staying home all day and watching TV, eating bon-bons (read: many pieces of chocolate, cookies, brownies, and other snacks), polishing off whole novels in only a few hours, and not doing a single thing. The week rocked! I even slept in and got 8-9 hours of sleep (I don’t really like sleeping for more than 9 hours though cuz I get groggy). Although I must admit, I did get bored of the whole not-doing-anything bit for a whole week straight. I felt kinda bad that I didn’t bother to take care of any errands and do some home improvements.

Things I Meant to Do (but didn’t):

  • Go see the dentist for new cavities courtesy of massive amounts of sweets downed during the holidays. Plus I think I need new fillings.
  • Go get my car serviced for oil, brake-check, etc.
  • Do shit loads of laundry (I only did one load and they were just towels/linens so it didn’t really count because you can do that anytime).
  • Clean the house (well, I somewhat rearranged things and put things away).
  • Take down Christmas décor off tree.
  • Return all the crap I bought from the mall that I realized I don’t really like (or rather, can’t afford but bought anyway).
  • Scrub kitchen floors.
  • Go see dermatologist for white, square-shaped splotches that appeared on my left arm out of nowhere about a month ago.
  • Go to alterations guy and get 2 pairs of pants cut because as usual, the pants are meant for a person more than 5’4 tall. Also meant to pick up the stuff I dropped off more than 2 weeks ago.
  • Get my car washed. It’s filthy. Fully crusted with mud and other crap. And let's not mention the inside. The last car wash I had was about 5 months ago? I think. And that was because the BMW dealership felt bad that my rims were black with dirt and gave me a complimentary one. (That’s exactly what the guy said to me).
  • Paint windowsills.

Things I Did Do:

  • Read 3 books in 3 days.
  • Ate 5 meals a day.
  • Treated myself to Starbucks Mocha every morning. (uhm. That’s $3.13 x 10)
  • Hung out with friends, family, and the hubs. This includes parties, dinners, lunches, and just all-around chilling and doing up to no good.
  • Shopped and bought a ridiculous amount of clothes to tide me over till July (see previous entry about new year’s resolutions). I can't wait for the credit card bill.
  • Went to gym only 3 times.
  • Watched Season 1 of Jem and the Holograms in 2 days. Truly outrageous!!
  • Saw Meet the Fockers. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.
  • Saw Return of the King extended DVD version and watched some of the accompanying featurettes (total time glued to couch and TV: 6+ hours).
  • Did I mention I ate about 5 meals a day?
  • Hung out at Target and Barnes and Noble for hours at a time. Man, I dig those store!
  • Thought about doing chores from list above but didn’t actually do it.
  • Browsed E-bay and Amazon incessantly.
  • Went to practice with the band.
  • Pranced around the house with my Christmas gifts (e.g., 2 fur stoles from both mom and mom-in-law and no I didn't ask for them --it's not like I'm some fur buff or anything but of course I appreciate them! They are so freakily soft for obvious reasons! I also got a pair of bling-bling diamond studs; a diamond horse-shoe necklace from the hubs; the new Linkin Park/Jay-Z CD; and other cool loot).
  • Organized a group snowboarding trip to Breckenridge, CO for February! Yeah!

I think that’s about it. I felt like I was back in college/law school and had winter break! Tomorrow will be my first day back on the job in 11 days. Wow. So much for the lazy lifestyle I’ve been enjoying. Back to daily grind for me!

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