Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Random Scribbles (aka Weekend Update)

Last Friday, the hubs and I had dinner with his friend Pat who was visiting NYC with his wife Maria and 2-year old kid. We met with them and the hubs’ crew at Lemongrass Grill by Union Square. [We had dinner with Pat & Maria the week before and met his son Drew for the first time. I was amazed by Drew. He’s a lean, handsome little kid who was smart, very friendly, and energetic (read: all over the place). When the food came, he ate enthusiastically and gobbled up broccoli like they were candy bars! He also ate a small plate of noodles and finished a bowl of ice cream. What a cool kid!] The get-together on Friday included 5 more people and Drew entertained us all over again. Good times. Everyone kept asking us when is it our turn to pop out a kid. Who knows?

Unfortunately, during our walk to our car, I lost my scarf! My mom gave me a fur scarf (or is it a stole? Don’t know what you call it) for Christmas. I guess it fell off and I didn’t realize it was gone until we got home. *sigh* I was quite peeved to say the least...but when I recounted the story to my mom, all she said was "Well I hope someone found it and is using it at least. Better than it just lying on the street getting wet in the rain."

Saturday, the band tried out a new drummer. Our old drummer Lil’ A “quit” on us during the winter holidays. This pretty much sucked because we love Lil’ A and we already had a handful of songs using her beats. Now, we’re starting over from scratch. Although we still have hope that Lil’ A is coming back, we do have to keep on working on our songs. The new drummer was pretty cool. She looks like the Asian verision of Meg (of the White Stripes) and is into indie rock (which is pretty much what we play). My friends Girlie and Steve sat in during practice which made me nervous. I haven’t really played any of our stuff to other people because we have a lot to work on. We do have about 8-9 original songs, only 2 of which are “perfected.” Girlie and Steve were there to act us “judges” for the new drummer and to hear our stuff for the first time. Girlie is pretty darn honest and I was scared that she'd just announce that we suck. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. She was nice to say that “we weren’t bad” which is a great relief. We are rusty and we have never played with the new drummer before, so keep that in mind! As it turns out, Girlie made a short movie of our jam session. Click here to view the clip.

Sunday was spent at home doing chores. The hubs and I woke up early to go to church (we haven’t been since Christmas Eve; although we do try to go every Sunday, it doesn’t always happen.) Mass for us is at 10:30 am at a church only 5 minutes away. It turns out, they revamped their schedule and mass time is now 10 am! So we walk in right after the gospel and we’re like, “huh?” So we turned around. Next Sunday, we’ll definitely be on time.

More scribbles…

I am currently reading Eragon. Actually, I'm almost finished with Eragon. I rationed it out over 4 days (although I really wanted to finish it all in one day). This book rocks! I've been staving off buying this book so I could just borrow it from a friend, which I did (thanks Girlie!). If you're a Harry Potter fan, I highly recommend it! I can't wait for the second one to come out! And in that same vein, I can't wait for HP Book Six to come out!
I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode of ALIAS. I agree with you Batjay, Jennifer Garner's facial contours are amazing! And so is Michael Vartan's for that matter! Hehehe....
Office politics suck.
Shout-out to Tin who very graciously gave me some great financial advice that I am about to follow.
Yay to me for losing 2 pounds and gaining muscle. I’m aiming for guns that will rival Madonna’s. I’m going to Miami at the end of March (for a bachelorette party) and want to be super-toned by then. Once I lose enough fat/gain muscle to make a difference, I’ll post a before and after picture.
Just got my credit card bill yesterday. Almost had a heart attack. Ye gods...*sniffles*

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