Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cool Runnings

It was a warm 9 degrees (Fahrenheit) this morning in the East Coast. My legs were quite numb by the time I got to my building this morning. Someone spilled coffee on the street and it had already frozen! Brrr.

And speaking of cold weather, I went snowboarding this past Sunday at Mt. Snow in Vermont. It was about 20 degrees out and the conditions were less-than-ideal. [Note: East Coast skiing conditions always pale in comparison to the skiing conditions in the Mid-West and West Coast.] There was hardly any snow (well, it hardly snowed at all this season so far), they had to make snow, there were tons of icy patches on the trails, and a lot of the trails had to be closed. But it was fun nonetheless. I love snowboarding. However, I realize that I'm just not as skilled as I used to be. About 3-4 seasons ago, I was a speedy and risqué rider. I would attempt 180's, try jumps and rails, and go barreling down the mountain. Nowadays, I'm more safety-conscious and too scared to go fast. For me, ever since I busted my shin trying to do a trick, I've stopped being daring.

Isn't it sad how when we were little kids, we couldn't care less about doing crazy things? I'd climb trees, go roller-skating down a hill without a helmet, etc… Now, I don't want to go down the mountain too fast for fear of falling. Part of me thinks "well if I fall, I fall. Who cares?" But the other part of my head goes "Yeah, you'll fall. Which means it'll hurt. You might even break something!" I don't know…but when I go to Colorado this February, I'm going to quash the "cautious" voice and go swooshing down the mountain! And however much I enjoy snowboarding, I will never get used to the cold! I hate sitting on the lifts while the wind stings my face and hands (even though I'm bundled up), freezing my arse off, and dealing with the constant runny nose. But hey, you gotta sacrifice a little.

In preparation for my Breckenridge, CO trip, I got new snowboarding boots yesterday. They are Salomons and feel awesome! All this time,I've been wearing boots that were a size too small for me. Who knew? I can't wait to try the new boots out. I wish I could get a new board too, but I've already got 2 and certainly don't need another one. The graphics on the new boards this season totally rock. My boards aren't even shiny.

Only 20 more days to go till Breckenridge! I can't wait to hit the infamous Colorado powder.

Welcome to the 21st Century

Last Thursday, I finally got my very own computer here at work! My friends were like "Oh, what kind of computer did you have before?" My answer is: this is the first time we attorneys have ever gotten a computer! Before, only the supervisory prosecutors and the appellate section (they work on appeal, motions, research, etc.) had computers. All the other folks had to share one computer per unit. So getting our own PC is a first! History in the making! My desk area looks so much more professional now with a PC on it!

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