Saturday, December 4, 2004

Tales from a One-Time TV Star --UPDATED!

So I was on TV this past Thursday morning! (Yes I know it's really not a big deal, but fun to write about nonetheless). Fox Network (Channel 5 in NYC and Northern NJ) went over to my parents' house in Queens to do a special holiday broadcast. I think for a few weeks or so they go to various homes and decorate their houses (courtesy of various stores like Gracious Home; Lowes; etc.). The weather guy Mike Woods does his broadcast from your home. His segment is about every 10-15 minutes so they pan to your house and do little interviews with you every now and then.

The crew got to my house at 5 am. I slept over my parents house and was woken up by the flood of light that entered my room --it was the camera crew. I got ready and went downstairs and met up with the crew. There were 2 cameramen, 1 tech guy, 1 producer, and the weather man. It was cool to see the live feeds and sound cues and all. My mom asked a few neighbors over, including the family of my brother's best friend. My brother's best friend Eric O. is a Marine and was just deployed to Iraq about 3 months ago. So his family got to say hi to him. Everyone was very nice. The guy from Gracious Home were great too. Nice decor (except they forgot the actually decor for the tree so we had to use ours; they brought over the donated decor later on). Overall, it was a very interesting experience. My mom loved it! I didn't really tell a lot of folks but apparently, a few friends saw me on TV!

I'll be posting pics of my TV adventure in my next entry.

Right now, I'm actually on a short holiday. I'm currently posting this blog from not-so-sunny Los Angeles. I arrived at 12:10 am Dec. 4th and realized that it's just as cold here as it is in NYC. I was freezing my ass off last night! And I had such drama renting a car...but I'll tell all when I get back. Have a great weekend.

UPDATE: Here are a few pictures from my stint as a "TV Star"

Mike Woods (the weather man) and Moi

Behind the Scenes Footage

The Family, Mike Woods, and Tom the Producer

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