Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Winter Breaks and Other Ramblings

  • So I thought I was going to Australia this coming February/early March. In fact, I was thisclose to booking my ticket yesterday along with my friend Girlie. Qantas had a deal going where you buy one ticket at full price and you get the companion’s fare 50% off. I plugged in our information and everything and only had to press the “submit” button. The total was $2,007.00 for the 2 of us including taxes and a processing fee. It would’ve been about $1K each (which is not bad since one flight alone is more than $1200). We were trying to book this on-line while AIM-ing each other and we got disconnected a couple of times (which is rare). We both thought that was a sign not to buy the tickets. We kept hemming and hawing. Egads, how can one little fare cost so much? Yes I know Oz is far and all, but still! And we were both asking each other if we could put it on the other’s credit card! I had my doubts about putting $2K on my visa because I just bought a dining table (which cost me an arm and a leg!) and just had my kitchen floors redone. So sad --two broke chicks trying to make it to Oz. So bottom line is: we are not going in March next year. Maybe November 2005 when I have more cash coming in and both our hubs can come with.

  • Since I’m no longer going to Australia, I think I’m going to the Philippines instead. My folks are planning on going to the PI (I use the short-hand “PI” even though when I did it once, I got reamed out by this 20-year old chick from the Philippines who gave me a lecture on how the term “PI” is politically incorrect. Fuck that. Hey, I’m Filipino and was born in the Philippines. If I want to call it “PI” for short, then dammit, I will!). So as I was saying, my folks are planning to go there for Christmas, the most expensive time of the year. Of course, they only planned this last week and as of now are still unsure about booking it or not because it’s about $1,900 at this point per person. I don’t care since they’re going to pay for me though I think it’s excessive. Of course I think money’s no object if you really want to spend time with family but going to the PI ain’t cheap. I think it’s too much money. In any case, I’ll find out any day now if it’s a go. If we do end up going, it’ll be from December 19-December 30. Maybe this time, I’ll actually get to go to Boracay. I’ve never been and have only heard mostly good things about it. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to meet some of the bloggers whose pages I’ve been visiting!

  • And since I’m no longer going to Australia (yeah, this will be my opening sentence for a while to justify my other travel-plans/going-out plans for the rest of the year), I’m planning on going to Los Angeles in early December for a quickie holiday. I actually want to go surfing. I’ve tried it once over here in Ocean City, NJ but my friend was just there last month and took lessons from this professional group based in Santa Monica She said it was amazing and she loved it so much that she’s buying a surf board so she can hit the waters here once summer comes. I also want to go because I’m a bit burned out here at work. I’m just sick of screwing up and office politics at this point. I need a breather and can’t wait until the holidays. Hopefully my friend Karen puts me up again.

  • Lastly, since I’m not going to Australia anymore, I think the hubs and I are going away together for either a riding trip in Utah or Colorado (or a tropical trip). It’s already snowing in Upstate NY and New England sites like Maine and New Hampshire. It’ll be so kick-ass to finally go ride some nice powder in Colorado. I had the experience of doing a first-run on one of the trails in Killington last season and it was amazing! It’s like gliding on powder! You don’t get much powder here in the East Coast but I hear that’s all they got over in the West/Mid-West. I’ll do my best to make it happen. If not that, then maybe a nice, warm holiday out in the Caribbean.

    Okay, back to work….

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