Wednesday, November 3, 2004


I had a great Halloween. I went to 2 different parties --one in Connecticut (thrown by my friend Girlie) and one in Brooklyn, thrown by my friend George. I dressed up as Jem, of course (as I had posted earlier in my blog). The funny thing was that Girlie dressed almost exactly like me! When she opened the door to her house, I discovered we were dressed like twins! She was supposed to be 'Bubblegum Girl' or so she says. She had a pink ensemble like moi. Talk about your fashion faux pas! Everyone thought we had planned it (because we even had matching shoes --which she bought first), but we both just had good taste.
She changed her costume though! And I ended up wearing her outfit which I liked better than my tube dress.

Kat as Jem

Rockstar Jem

Jem, Sleepy Trish, and Jem (aka Bubblegum Girl aka Girlie)

A Ghoulish Family (Elle Driver, Dracula, and kids)

Party Folks including Martha Stewart (what, she's out of prison already?!)

SchoolGirlie, Private Todd, and an Little Angel

Ninja (aka Girlie's hubs)

Tiny (dressed as Girl Who Got Lei'd)


George the Pope and Jem

Jem and her husband the convict

Us gals and some guy we don't know

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