Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Dancing Days are Here Again

I've been through a 'bad patch' for the better part of the fall season and I'm happy to report that I think I've snapped out of it. I had work woes, family issues, creative blocks, and financial obstacles that were weighing me down. But no more! They say that winter brings about the onset of the blues --and this is a scientific fact. Winter means less sunshine. Less sunshine makes people gloomier than usual. They tend to eat more, be more reclusive, and sort of hibernate. For me, it's the exact opposite (well, aside from the eating part). I actually feel better! Here's some things that made me happy in the past 5 days:
  • Discovering Moving Units, a new band I'm listening to. Their album Dangerous Dreams rocks! I'm seeing their show on Dec. 9th.
  • Playing Texas Hold'Em and Trivial Pursuit: The 90's with my co-workers at work for 2 days in a row. (In our defense, all the judges are out for Judicial College and we have Thursday and Friday off this week.)

  • Spending time with the hubs this past Sunday. We were both slightly hungover from a party Saturday night (see below), but woke up early for dimsum. Then we went to church (still slightly hungover, how blasphemous! Gasp!), my in-laws for a quick visit, and then went to a mall to window shop. It was nice and relaxing.

  • My oldest friend in the world (as in, I've known her since we were 9 months old) is visiting from the Philippines. She'll be here until Dec. 1st. I took her and my uncle to a party this past Saturday and we had a good time complete with killer drinks and fab music.

    I just want to add here that my uncle is only 5 years older than me. He is 33 and an orthropedic surgeon. He's here taking his medical boards to he can try to immigrate to the U.S.. He is my dad's youngest brother and my dad asked me to fix him up with any of my single friends! Can you say ew? It's just a bit disconcerting don't you think? Me, setting up dates for my uncle? But if any single Filipina lady is reading this and is interested, do holler! I can send you pics!

  • Buying a ticket to Los Angeles for a quick holiday. I'll be there from Dec.3-7th.
  • Finishing 4 loads of laundry over the weekend.
  • Making up 2 new songs.
  • Knowing I don't have work Thursday or Friday!
To all those celebrating THANKSGIVING, here's to a HAPPY GATHERING!
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