Monday, October 4, 2004

15 Things About Me Today

I tend to write “list-type” blog entries whenever I’m too lazy to write something more substantial. The past week or so has been really hectic and I didn’t have the time to properly type up an entry. And to top it off, our internet service isn't working at home and won't be fixed until Friday... In any case, here goes 15 random blurbs:

  1. I got home at 3 am last Thursday night. I went to this gay lounge/club called Splash with a group of friends (2 of which were visiting from Australia). I had a blast. I think I’ll be a patron of gay clubs from now on. I met some crazy characters; and danced the night away with a guy wearing a leash and a leather mask. I’m also in love with my friend’s boyfriend Matt who is gorgeous (my friend is pretty cute as well though). Heck if I wasn’t married, I’d so try to convert him to my team!

  2. I successfully completed the Avon Walk-a-Thon this past weekend. I walked over 26 miles over the course of 2 days. I raised $1,945.00 in donations. By mile 25 yesterday, my left leg was cramping up like crazy and I basically hobbled to the finish line. But hey, I made it to work this morning, albeit with a sore back and sore calves. I had a good time. I would’ve had a better time if I had some friends with me. Everyone else walked with their buddies and I had no one. Sure, I talked to folks here and there but I think I would’ve had an easier time if I had a group of friends with me. The walk started at South Street Seaport and proceeded to do a loop around NYC, Brooklyn and back. I was able to walk across Williamsburg Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a great way to do a walking tour of the Big Apple. I took pictures of the second day and I’ll post them up tomorrow. (I took my camera during the first day and opening ceremony but apparently, I forgot the cartridge! D’oh!).

  3. I got a raise last Friday! YAHOO!! It’s nothing extravagant of course, but it’s definitely a nice addition to my bank account. I’m making $4K more than before! (Which spread over 24 paychecks doesn’t really look like a big difference).

  4. I’m planning a trip to somewhere warm, sunny, and golf-friendly for my hubs’ 30th birthday this coming November. I’m considering going to either Mexico, St. Kitt’s, St. Croix, the Bahamas, or Antigua –whatever’s the cheapest I can get.

  5. I’m planning a trip to Australia this February to visit the same guys who are visiting NYC now (see #2). Planning is the operative word. I also wanted to do a trip to Italy but I guess I have to pick and choose. Aussie’s going to be hot in February!

  6. I’m so in love with Interpol right now. I tend to listen to albums in phases. I tend to play an album over and over again until I get sick of it, put it away for a few months, and then re-listen to it again. Interpol’s “Turn on the Bright Lights” rocks.

  7. I’m returning the guitar I bought (even though I do like it) and getting a different guitar. This time, I won’t be so indecisive.

  8. I’m going to see The Killers play tonight!

  9. I have 8 trials coming up within the next month. The 8th trial is scheduled for November 1st. I’m stressing out. I’m still getting used to my new unit. It’s hard, especially when the turn-around time is so quick. You usually get only 2 court dates before the matter is scheduled for trial. The good thing is, juvenile trials are non-jury trials because the proceedings are confidential. You can’t be in the courtroom unless you are part of the juvenile’s family or get approval from the judge to be there. A lot of my friends ask me what I do all day if I don’t have a trial. Each of us here gets assigned to a judge –usually 2-3 attorneys per judge. So we handle all the matters for that particular judge on a daily basis. Each matter is scheduled on a court calendar. Everyday, we get a new calendar which lists all the matters for that day. And of course, I have to work on each parrtiuclar file (e.g., call victims, write letters, write motions/briefs, etc.) And that is how my day goes…

  10. My ex-bf’s sister sent me pics of her new baby, Natalia Isabelle. She’s so cute! She’s almost 4 months old. Some people are weirded out when I say that I keep in touch with the sister of my ex-boyfriend. I don’t think it’s so strange. In fact, I think it’s okay to keep in touch with an ex. It shows that you have both grown up. Just because things didn’t work out doesn’t mean you have to automatically write them off your life forever. You did go out with this person for a reason no? So the person can’t be all that bad. So unless the break-up was bad (and you be the judge of the situation --obviously, you wouldn’t want to keep in touch with an ex who beat you up or anything), you should be able to have a friendly or civil relationship with your ex. I myself do not speak to my ex, just his sister. I thought we did have a friendly connection but I was wrong. See May 12 and 16, 2004 entries.

  11. I want to see the following movies (not in any particular order) but I just haven’t gotten around to it: The Motorcycles Diaries, Vanity Fair, Shark Tale, Maria Full of Grace, Garden State, and The Village. There’s others but then the list will just go on and on…

  12. I'm going back to INS tomorrow for my green card. Wish me luck.

  13. I’m taking guitar lessons with this instructor who works at the studio that my band practices at. He’s a nice guy (and a stellar musician) but I’m just a bit worried because he calls me a lot. I mean, he’ll leave messages here and there about just touching base with me about the lessons (oooh! touching base! Hahhah). Our first lesson is this Wednesday and for the record, he has called me about 8 times more or less. He’s very chatty. He calls to ask about what day I want to start and to say that he’s getting his schedule sorted out. Sometimes he leaves messages, sometimes he doesn’t. I don’t know if I should be worried. When I call him back, he asks me how’s it going and he end up talking to me for a good 10 minutes unless I cut the conversation short (which I’m not good at). Maybe I’m reading too much into it, huh? Well, if he makes a pass at me this Wedneday, I’m hitting him on the head with my guitar!

  14. I’ve been to the gym fairly regularly the past few weeks and have been watching what I eat (more than usual at least). I still haven’t shed a pound! Egads…it’s so hard to lose weight once you’ve hit your later 20’s. It’s so right when they say that your metabolism slows down after you’re 25. I can’t just wolf down Magnolia cupcakes left and right like I did before. *sigh*

  15. Lastly, I think my band is going to play our first gig soon! Nothing formal. I think what we’re going to do is just perform at an open mic night whether we are ready or not and see what the feedback is. It might be as soon as next week! And I think we have finally come up with a name for ourselves. Unofficially, we might be called "PaperDoll" or "PaperDolls"

More on this later… Have a Great Monday!

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