Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New Axe to Grind (or Buyer's Remorse)

I bought a new electric guitar over the weekend. It’s a Schecter Diamond Series guitar -- Gryphon model. It wasn’t an impulse buy; I had been planning to buy a new guitar and this was the one I liked the most. The guitar has Duncan humbucker pick-ups (which converts to a single-coil sound at the touch of a button); a rosewood fretboard, maple neck, and a mahogany body. The sound is excellent so far –clean, rich, great with or without effects, and crunchy when you want it. It was well within my budget. But I’m experiencing buyer’s remorse.

I’ve always been a Fender girl. My parents bought me my first guitar for my 16th birthday. It was a black and white Fender American Stratocaster complete with whammy bar. (Unfortunately, I gave it to my cousin in the Philippines because I stopped playing it for a while. When I asked him about it, it turns out, he had sold it. Bastard! Grrr..) The guitar I have now is a Fender Squire Stagemaster. It’s a good beginner guitar with lots of capabilities considering it was less than $150. I bought the new guitar because I wanted something better. I was hoping for a Gibson but I have to face the fact that Gibson necks are just way too wide and thick for my small hands. I was going to go for another Fender, but I thought I should try something new. Hence, the Schecter. I went into Guitar Center hardly knowing much about this company. All I knew was that Robert Smith of the Cure he uses them and that he designed his own style of Schecter Guitar (the Robert Smith Signature Series) . I figured if Robert Smith used it, it can’t be that bad. So I tried a Schecter. Like I said, to me, the sound was excellent. And after spending almost 2 hours in the store trying it out and grilling the sales guy, I ended up buying one.

Here's 2 pics (the pics don't do the color any justice):

I went home with the guitar; I have 30 days to return it if I don’t like it. The guitar came with a warranty. But I’m still not convinced. My 2 major gripes are 1) the color & style and 2) the brand. So the guitar is a deep, wine red. I’m usually a black/grey girl. The color of the guitar is very vivid and you can still see the wood grain underneath the color. As for the style --well don't you think it looks a little too “metal-head-ish”? I think it sort of screams "Anthrax" or "Skid Row" or [insert heavy-metal/glam rock/80's hair band in here]. Lastly, the whole “brand-name” thing is gnawing at the back of my mind. It’s not a Fender. It’s not a Gibson. Should I care? I mean if the quality is good, why should I be hung up on the fact that it’s not an ultra-popular brand, right? I've read reviews on Schecter and they are pretty good. However, I have doubts because it's not a well-known guitar company.

Did I make the right choice? Maybe I should just return it and start all over again? Perhaps I should just shell out for a kick-ass Fender?! Argh. Why am I so indecisive? Your opinions please?

Before I leave off, I just wanted to give a shout-out to a special guest who came to visit me this past Sunday: TINY!

Isn't she cute? She's my friend Girlie's dog. Tiny is bigger than her.
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