Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

My "dilemma" is this: I want to see The Cure again! I'm thinking of watching them in Los Angeles on August 27th. I'm picking that particular date because it's a Friday, and I have friends I can crash with over there (plus, I'll be missing all their shows between now and August 15 because I'll be in Europe).

I just thought of watching them again right now on a whim. Yes, I sound a bit obsessive, but I figure, when else would I be able to just go and watch them? I'm not getting any younger (and when I was younger, I could only afford the "nosebleed" seats). And the next time they'll be on tour, I'll probably be a mom already with more responsibilities. The only thing hindering me from just flying out to L.A. is of course, MONEY. Let's see, concert tickets would be about $200 (off E-bay, because the good ones are already taken), plus $300 for airfare, plus $50 (give or take) for car rental, plus about $100 for food/drinks/miscellaneous. So that's an estimate of $550. That's $550 I don't necessarily have. Would it be worth it? I've actually spent more than that on a single purse (yes, I too was tempted by the lures of Prada and Gucci). This is my last chance to see them this year (unless of course, they announce new dates in the East Coast).

Do I sound like an obsessive madman? I am really torn at this point (not so much that I'm losing sleep, but still...it's a decision). I have to make a decision before I leave on Thursday.

Should I stay or should I go?
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