Sunday, August 1, 2004

Best Weekend Ever!

I went to see The Cure at the Curiosa Festival last night at Randall's Island (NY). The show rocked! I got really close to the stage and spent the night singing along/dancing along with 30,000 other fans. It was great! The only drawback was of course, my area was crowded and there were tall folks in front of me. It sucks because I'm so short. Plus, I was so sore. (I went for a 5-mile walk in the morning to train for the Avon Walk-a-Thon. I walked from my town to the next town over and back. Can I just say, words cannot express how sore my legs were at the end of last night and this morning when I woke up. My lower back is also killing me!) But I didn't mind standing for over 3 hours in one spot --I had a mostly unobstructed view of my favorite band!

Overall, the festival was great. Some funny moments: stood next to this guy who was interested in collecting girls' phone numbers. He would talk to girls (including me), chat about the Cure, etc, and then ask for your number. He was like "isn't your boyfriend mad that you're standing over here and he's over there?" I said, "oh, he's not my boyfriend." Then he said, "Oh I see." Then a second later, he asks: "Can I have your number?" I gave him a fake one and moved further into the crowd. Ha! And then during the night, I stood next to this couple who were clearly well-versed in American Sign Language. They "signed" each other all night, making googly-eyes at each other, singing along and basically "acting out" all the words to their favorite songs. Sweet. But annoying after a while.

I got to the festival only in time to see one other band perform before the Cure. Tonight, I'm going to drive down to Camden, NJ to see them again! And this time, I'll go early so that I can see other bands play. Plus, I have 3rd row seats so I won't have to stand all night! SO EXCITED! This is the best weekend ever!

Here are some pics:

Curiosa Festival by day:

Cure Concert Merchandise: $35 for a tank top?! Egads! (But of course, I bought one!)

Moi at Curiosa:

My friend Rob and I:

OMG! It's Robert Smith! This is the closest I've ever been to the stage!

The best pic I took that night...*sigh*swoon*...=)

Okay...the next post won't have anything to do with the Cure =D.
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