Tuesday, July 6, 2004

So I bought an iPod. After debating whether or not to get one, I finally caved in and got myself a 15GB iPod for my birthday. It's definitely a splurge, but I think it's worth it. It'll definitely come in handy at the gym; walking outside; and overall convenience of having my music when I need it. I used to be a big music buff in high school (for alternative/new wave/modern rock music, that is) and bought tons of CD's. During college, I switched gears and listened to mostly hip-hop, so I have a lot of hip-hop CD's as well. As of now, I've become a music buff all over again, and I listen to all kinds of music. So the iPod will come in handy with putting my CD collection together at my fingertips. Because sometimes, you're at the gym and you really want to hear David Bowie except that your David Bowie Best Of CD is at home, in the basement, getting very little airplay! Now, the hard part is ripping all my CDs...I have more than 200 CDs more or less scattered around the house and it takes anywhere from 2-10 minutes or so to transfer a CD into your hard drive. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

Birthday Wishes. I'm going to be 28 this Friday. I don't think I'm getting "old" per se. To me, it's another year. Of course, when I was younger, say in my teens, I used to think 30 was old. But now that I'm almost 30, I don't think 30 is old at all (of course, we've said this to ourselves as well). To me, "old" in terms of age is 60 --especially now that folks live longer and start having kids later in life. Besides, like they say, age is nothing but a number. Check out stellar-looking ladies like Susan Sarandon, Sophia Loren, etc. They all look great! Age should've confine you. I certainly don't feel old! Or grown up for that matter. I feel like a kid most of the time. I still have ambitions in life that start with "When I grow up..." And I know I'm irresponsible when it comes to certain things --like managing my finances, or taking care of our house. Or keeping up with the news, etc. But I am trying. And I know I am responsible in my own way, and in other area in life. One day, I'm sure I'll get it. Plus, there's no rule saying that you have to do things exactly the way your parents did it.

Folks are also asking me what I want for my birthday. I don't really want anything material-wise. I'm happy with hanging out with my friends, eating at a new joint (which I'll be doing with the hubs), going out dancing --all of which I am going to do this weekend. Of course, if hard-pressed, here's some things I wouldn't mind getting =):

1. Gift certificate to iTunes music store! (To put my iPod to good use).
2. Gift certificate to Bliss Spa (I am in desperate need of a facial!).
3. I Luuuurrrvve books! (Something Borrowed; The Secret Life of Bees; The Last Girls; Little Children: A Novel; Missing Mangoes....too many to mention!) There's nothing like going to a bookstore and browsing through books...*sigh*
4. A Gibson SG Supreme (in Midnight Burst) OR a Les Paul Standard Limited Edition (in Manhattan Midnight)<--both are SOOO beautiful! And SOOO expensive!! I would have to trade in my first-born to own either one! But a girl can dream, no?

And that is it...like I said, I don't "need" anything. Actually, I'm trying to curb my own personal spending because I want to save up money for items for our house. We closed on our house the day after my birthday last year (coincidentally, the previous owners also closed on their house on July 10th, 1956 --and we bought it 47 years later!) but it still needs a lot of work. We still need several big-tickets items like a fridge (the one we have came with the house, is very small, and only has 1 shelf! Plus, the freezer doesn't work that well); a dining room set so we can start eating on it versus the coffee table in front of the TV; and eventually, a dishwasher. Also, I'd like to save up money for needed home improvements....See, I'm becoming more "responsible" as I type!
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Blogger Jessica said...

oh my God, Kat! when I used to belong to a gym--I listend to david bowie's greatest hits cd every time I went--all three times. but I listened on a walkman. I want to get an ipod. for Christmas, maybe. and then I will discover all these cds I've forgotten I had when I upload them into the pod.
so, when is the cure show?

7/08/2004 12:09:00 PM  

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