Sunday, July 25, 2004

Rainy Day Blues: What I Did This Weekend

23 July
It poured like crazy on Friday.  Of course it did.  Especially because I planned on hanging out in the city (NYC) and then go to Cape May the next day.  I took the day off from work because I had pay our contractor (for rebuilding our home's front steps); go to the Spanish Consulate to pick up my visa; meet up with my friend to buy records; and then had planned to go window-shopping.  I wanted to take the train in, but it rained so hard that I had to drive.  So I drove, spent about 20 minutes looking for parking; waited about 20 minutes in the line for my visa; then walked around briefly.  I called my friend and said that record-shopping is off cuz of the rain (it sucks to walk around the city when it's raining...not pleasant), then headed back home.  Was stuck in traffic for 1 hour and 40 minutes!! F*ck!! I HATE TRAFFIC.  It normally takes me about less than 25 minutes to get home from the city.  Instead, I sat in traffic for one hour and 40 minutes of my life.  What a waste. When I got home, it was still pouring. 

That night, the hubs and I drove down to Atlantic City (the East Coast's Las Vegas) as plannned.  It stopped raining, and I had some glimmer of hope that the next day would be sunny.  We stayed at the Sheraton (b/c the hubs gets free points there and complimentary stays) and were pleasantly surprised to learn that they gave us a nice suite.  We're talking massive!  About the size of a 2-bedroom aparment!  With 2 bathrooms! The master bath was gorgeous with a huge shower and an even bigger tub.  This bathroom is the size of our bedroom.  After ooohing and aaahing over the suite, we debated on what to do that night.  We're homebodies for the most part.  So we just chilled indoors since we didn't have the money to go gambling.  Read a book. I'm in the middle of "The Crimson Petal and the White" --long-ass book I gotta say.  I'm a fast reader, and I read different books at the same time.  This one needs some concentration since it's a period piece. I'm reading it solo for now.

24 July
Cape May.  Weather: overcast and very breezy.  Low 70's.  Certainly not beach weather, but at least it didn't rain.  Walked around town and window-shopped, saw all the pretty Victorian homes, played mini-golf, ate ice cream, bought some bargain books at a great indie bookstore, and then went home when it started to drizzle.  On the drive home, the sun came out.  Phooey.  But by then, it was already about 5:30 pm.  Got home, went grocery shopping and bought steaks, had the hubs grill them, had dinner, then watched Monsters Inc. on DVD.  Read more.

25 July
The hubs played golf.  I meant to take a 5-mile walk but got lazy.  Stayed home and cleaned up instead.  Didn't even go to church, and we usually go every Sunday.  Got a pedicure.  Then met up with the hubs and his family for a brunch for my bro-in-law's 23rd birthday.  Ate massive amounts of food.  Went to Barnes and Noble and bought 2 new books (had a gift certificate): Dry by Augusten Burroughs & A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel --both are memoirs.  Ever since I read Burrough's 'Running with Scissors,' I've been on a memoir kick.   Got home, turned on my laptop to blog, then discovered the stupid thing did not work.  Was on the phone for half an hour with DELL to try to fix it, but to no avail.  LAPTOP broken; has to be sent it for diagnostics.....Boo-erns! 

Today: Don't even ask.... this day was shite.  Court sucked.  I am so tired that I'm not even going to spell-check or grammar-check (not that I normally do, but I at least scan the entry for glaring errors, but not today!).  At least I got the gym over with this morning.  Will go home, change, have band practice tonight, then I will SLEEP..... will write something more interesting another time.

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