Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Birthday Weekend Update. This past weekend was a kick-ass, jam-packed birthday weekend that lasted from Friday to Monday! Some highlights:

9 July
1. My co-workers took me out for lunch.
2. The hubs sent me a bouquet of beautiful spring flowers at work.
3. The hubs took me out to dinner on my birthday to Restaurant Aquavit. I’m a ‘foodie’ and love trying out new places. Aquavit is a Scandinavian/Continental restaurant on 54th St. The maitre'd was very amusing. He asked us if we liked the sound of falling water. We said "uh, yes" so then he proceeded to seat us next to an indoor waterfall. The dining room was very unique, I thought. It was housed in an atrium-like room in the middle of an office building. The ceiling is very high; if you look up, you see the sides and windows of the office building looking into you. The restaurant itself though, is in a brownstone that was once owned by the Rockefellers. The food was amazing! I had the foie gras ganache with duck sausage for my appetizer, and the halibut (with foie gras sauce and five-spice celery root) for my entrée. Another feature of the restaurant was their homemade ‘aquavit’ which translates to “water of life.” Their aquavit is potato vodka and they infuse it with various flavors. My hubs tried 3 of them. 80% proof and very strong! All in all, I had a great time with my hubs over the 3-course (and 3-hour) dinner.

The flowers (and box my iPod came in!):

The hubs and I getting ready to go out for dinner:

10 July

1. The hubs and I spent the day gardening. At this point, gardening is really just pulling out a bunch of weeds and overgrown bushes. Lots of hard work, sweat, and tears. But I had a very satisfying time. Like I said before, I’ve decided to devote more time to my house and NOT spending money on myself anymore. Dare I say it, but weeding was actually soothing and not that bad.
2. My friends and I went to Bond St. Sushi for dinner. I like going to this joint because they have excellent sushi and fresh seafood overall. Their ‘hot eel dice’ roll is fab, and so are their saketinis!

Chilling at Bond St:

3. Had a birthday party at Denizen Lounge in Soho. My friends were already spinning at this lounge, so they suggested that I just ask more folks to come and make it merrier. There were a lot of folks who came out (not just for me) and I had a great time. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO STOPPED BY!! Best of all is that my friend Karen flew in from Los Angeles that day to surprise me for my birthday! Her and her husband Babs sauntered into the bar like nothing, and I ran to greet them like a lunatic!

Me and Karen:

4. My younger brother turned 20 that day (his b-day is right after mine) and was actually at the party with his own friends. Nothing makes you feel older than having your younger brother be at the same party as you.! He bought me a shot (I turned a blind eye) and told me it was a lemon-drop. Of course, it turned out to be a shot of 151 Bacardi! Like guzzling liquid fire! Let’s just say, I didn’t drink anymore after that! But there was no ‘praying to the porcelain god’ moment that evening. Thank goodness for that! Rolled home at about 3 am.

Me and my bro:

Chilling at Denizen:

11 July
1. Woke up with a banging headache! I wanted to sleep some more but my headache wouldn’t let me! I usually drink about 2-3 glasses of water before going to sleep if I drank that night, but I was so tired the night before that I only drank 1 glass.
2. Went to my hubs’ friend’s BBQ in Hillsboro, NJ –which is near Princeton and about an hour+ drive away from us. But before we left, I called up my friend Karen to invite her and her fams to see our house and have a BBQ of our own. Very impromptu. I also called my folks to come over as well.
3. We came home from our friend’s BBQ at about 5 pm. Got home, rushed to Pathmark, bought food and supplies, came back, marinated meats and stuff, cleaned up and got ready. My folks got here around 7 pm with chairs and a propane tank in tow (I asked them b/c we didn’t have outdoor chairs, and our grill is new and we had no gas!). We started grilling, and then Karen et al, came at around 7:45 or so. We had a great, first BBQ at our house –especially since it was a spur-of-the-moment type of thing! But I was so tired from the night before, and was functioning with a slightly hungover body!

12 July
1. After celebrating 28 years of life thus far, I actually had to go to a funeral in the morning. One of the assistant prosecutors in our office died on July 8th from cancer, and our office encouraged us to go and pay our respects. I didn’t know him, but I feel sad that I didn’t even get a chance to meet him. He was clearly beloved and revered. There were many people there who came out and paid their respects to him. I can only hope that when my times comes, I will have affected as much people in a positive way just as he did.
2. Got out work late that day because we squeezed in a day’s calendar in only one afternoon and I had to meet up with Karen and other friends for a final dinner for them in the city. We went to Sylvia’s, this famous soul-food joint in Harlem that serves this fab dish called ‘Smothered Pork-chops’. It’s pork-chops smothered in brown gravy and served with your choice of 2 sides. YUM!! Like I said, I love food! Afterwards, we were supposed to go to Serendipity’s for dessert, but it was mad packed! We got there at about 10 pm, and we were told that the wait for a table for 5 would take 45 minutes! We ended up going to Café Lalo’s instead for dessert. Equally delectable. I had tartufo since I was already in the mind-set for ice cream. YUM!!
Afterwards, we dropped my friends and said goodbye!

It was a great birthday weekend!

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