Tuesday, July 20, 2004

25 Things About Me Today.
Note: This was actually written Monday afternoon, but didn't get to post it until today.  So this is actually "25 Things About Me this Monday."

  1. I survived my morning court calendar without yelling at anyone in court or passing out       from hunger.
  2. I did, however, end up yelling at the hubs via the phone about the contractor who is             repairing our brick steps today.
  3. It was not the hubs' fault that the contractor keeps calling me while I'm in court.  I took it  out on him anyway.
  4. I just hope and pray that the steps are done correctly and with no problems!  I don't want  to have to threaten the contractor with a lawsuit just to fix what he f*cked up (like when we   had our floors done.  What a fiasco that was!)
  5. I am very excited to see that our house is getting spruced up little by little.
  6. I am very excited to see The Cure in concert on July 31st and August 1st! Yay!
  7. I downloaded some songs by The Psychotics, an L.A.-based punk band that my ex is in.  I  am very happy to see that the ex is living his musical dream.  I hope that he decides  to talk to me again someday. (See blog of May 12, 2004 and May 16, 2004 for the crazy details).
  8. I wonder if my friend has given birth to her baby girl.  She is due today. I hope she is okay.
  9. I would like to have a baby within the year (in reality, let's see what happens).  Hopefully before I turn 29.  I don't want to be an old mom who pops out her baby at age 35 (not that 35 is old!).  I just don't want to be 60 and my kids are still in college.
  10. I have band practice today.  I hope we get some songs recorded. Update: We recorded 3 songs!
  11. I do not dig the proposed band name: SQUARES.  What do you think?!?!  Yay or nay? Please give some feedback.  Update: I think Squares is the band name, like it or not.  Still, I'd like some feedback.
  12. I am looking forward to going to my 11-day European holiday with my family and hubby. We are going to Portugal, Spain, and Morocco on August 5th!  Ya-hoo!
  13. I am looking forward to going to Cape May this weekend with the hubs.  I need some sun, relaxation, and a nice, dark tan.  I cannot wait to hit the beach, go surf a bit, and then read a tawdry,"chick-lit" book under the sun.
  14. This means, I need to lose 5 pounds by Friday. 
  15. I cannot lose 5 pounds before this Friday.  It is physically impossible unless I stop eating period.
  16. I hate my arms and thighs.  Why oh why does my fat go directly to those 2 places!! I just want to be toned!!
  17. But I detest the gym.  Okay, more like dislike.  Heck, I haven't gone in almost 2 weeks.  I admit, it's not so bad once I'm physically in there...I just hate the going there part.   Now, it's slightly better with my fantastic iPod so I can drown out everyone else!
  18. I am in love with Spiderman! I saw Spiderman 2 when it came out and I was just floored!  I really enjoyed it! In fact, I can even say I loved it (and I don't love a lot of movies)!  Tobey Maguire is hotness! I wish there was a Spiderman in real life…*sigh*  I am looking forward to Spiderman 3.  Rumor has it that Eliza Dushku (of Buffy fame) will play the Black Cat (aka Felicia Hardy) Coolness! Sony should work a deal with Fox to feature Kingpin (as played by Michael Duncan in Daredevil).
  19. A Fantastic Four movie may be in the works!  Jessica Alba is hotness!
  20. I want to go to Italy next year.  I am saving up for it as we speak.  I also want to go to Greece, Prague, Amsterdam, Japan, Switzerland (for snowboarding!), Egypt, Australia, and New Zealand. And that's just to name a few.  And I want to go before I have kids.  So this may also be impossible.  I guess I'll just have to work around the kiddies.  People take holidays w/o their children, right?  At least I've already been to London (I lived there for a summer! I would even move there!), Paris, a slew of Caribbean islands, Hong Kong, Fiji, more than 30 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, the Philippines (of course!  I did live there until I was 12), Mexico, and Canada.
  21. I desperately need to get rid of the running balance on my credit card before the 0.0% APR on it expires in December.  Being in debt sucks.  I am embarking on a new financial plan!
  22. I wish I made more money.  But I would NEVER give up my job for a better salary elsewhere.  I love what I do, I love who I work with, and I like the fact that sometimes, what I do makes a difference in someone's life.  (Not always, but sometimes it happens). I still wish I made more money though.
  23. I don't like it when people automatically think that just because I'm a lawyer, I make a lot of money.  I explain to them that I work for the government, and that I hardly make a living.  Yet some folks still look at me dubiously.  Even one of my closest friends did not believe that I DO NOT make 6-figures until I told her what I received per month after taxes.  She shut up afterwards.  
  24. I wish we were allowed to work part-time.  That way, I can get a paying gig with my band! Assuming someone will book us! Hahah….
  25. I want a pet cat.  Damn the hubs and his allergies!

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