Friday, June 18, 2004

The Philippines According to Blogs. I check out the Sassy Lawyer's site on a regular basis. Unlike my blog (which is about nothing in particular, just random shit I feel like talking about) Sassy Lawyer is one of those more "serious" blogs that is actually devoted to a particular topic --in this case: Filipino culture and politics, and observations thereof. Sassy Lawyer decided to create a new blog that highlighted blogs of other Filipinos (or people writing about anything related to the Philippines/Filipinos). It's dubbed: The Philippines According to Blogs. I didn't know that blogging was that popular in the Philippines! So it was cool to read other blogs and get the different slices of life of people who live back home (or elsewhere in the world). There's a few that's written in Tagalog. While I'm fluent and all, it's really hard for me to actually read it. I have to mouth out the words and sorta read out loud to get it to mean something to me. It's a bit frustrating because I'm a very fast reader and like devouring reading material; for me, reading Tagalog is like going 5 mph on a 50 mph-zone. I just gotta get used to it.

Summer in the City. Just thought I'd write a quick blurb to give a shout-out to NYC. I dig NYC in the summertime. Even though it's scorching hot, I still like walking around and window-shopping as much as possible. Especially with a frappuccino or ice cream cone in hand. I like people-watching in the summertime --the guys look fly in their summer wear, and the girls are like real-life fashion models with their tiny, cute skirts and tops. Very colorful. Also in the summertime, you get to take advantage of NYC's offerings like reading a book in Central Park, having lunch al fresco in Soho, having drinks in a new lounge (or favorite bar), or like I said before, window-shopping!

Work Tales. Last night, a bunch of my co-workers and I went out for drinks to celebrate a co-worker's birthday. Prosecutors-Gone-Wild! was the theme of the night. But really, it was all talk and no action. My office is pretty close-knit, especially with the younger folks. So us new-hires have heard their stories of drinking-parties-past and how wild they got. And I mean wild. We're talking peeing in public in subway stations; throwing up and getting kicked out of clubs; ladies grabbing each other's boobs, etc. Not the most appealing thing, but very entertaining when you hear the stories being told. So anyway, we went out last night and I thought it would be one of those nights that would be talked about for years to come. We went to the Blind Tiger Ale House as our first stop. Let me just say again: All talk no action. I drank alright, (but not that much because I knew I had to drive), but I was home by 11:30 pm! More like Prosecutors-Gone-Mild. We had a brilliant time though! Great company, coonversation, jokes, lots of yelling and screaming. But nothing scandalous occured. I guess we'll save our energy for the 'Annual Prosecutors Convention' that will be held in Atlantic City this coming September. Everyone has told us about that. It's like Spring Break supposedly.

Miraculous Recovery. Okay, so I have this case where I indicted a guy back in January 2004. There's a warrant for his arrest from a judge because the defendant was a no-show for his arraignment, PLUS another warrant for the original complaint. This past Wednesday, I get a letter from some rehab center asking that we rescind his warrants because this guy is now in a vegetative state because of a brain injury he suffered. The letter stated he can't really come to court because of his medical condition, and that he has been in their care since August 2003. They said he can't move, eat, shit, bathe, etc. without someone helping him. So I ask my supervisor what he thought about it. We decided to wait it out to see if he'll be discharged at some point. This morning, however, I get a phone call from the rehab center saying that "oh, the guy is a little mobile and doing well. We thought he'd benefit from moving around so we placed him in a wheelchair. Well last night, he sort of wheeled himself out of the facility and escaped. We called the police and requested for a search. But don't worry, we found him this morning. Now he's on watch 24/7" about a miraculous recovery, right?
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