Monday, June 28, 2004

I Heart Los Angeles. So I was in L.A. from June 24 to June 27 with my friend Girlie for a short holiday (we arrived midnight of June 23). It was great! It was actually relaxing with the right amount of hanging out, going out, shopping, eating, and some sightseeing (sort of). We stayed at my friend Karen's (and her husband Babs) house. (Actually, we kicked them out of their house while they crashed in her mom's house --which is in front of their house). I've been good friends with Karen since the 6th grade when I first came to the U.S. and we ended up in Mr. Hession's homeroom together in Virgil Junior High. So it was great to reminisce with her since she hasn't been to NYC since...? 2002? Anyway, I'm not about to do a blow-by-blow account of my L.A. trip, so here's some highlights:

1) cruising by Virgil Junior High and my old house on Hobart and 3rd St. with Karen --ah, the memories! I also passed my Pilgrim School (my high school). Still looks the same.
2) kicking it with Karen and Babs: we watched Karen's comedy routine (she tried stand-up) and laughed out loud. We also heard their story of their kayaking trip gone awry --that shit is funny! Made me realize how much I missed them!
3) going to old haunts like Melrose Avenue (not the same); 3rd St. Promenade (okay, so it wasn't an old haunt, but I've been there); the 3rd st. area; Silverlake area; and revisiting Universal CityWalk (almost the same!). I also checked out new spots like The Grove, Mor's, and 217 (see #6).
4) chilling at Santa Monica Beach and Hermosa Beach: the weather was not so great when we went to Santa Monica Beach, but we did have an interesting experience. Especially since we sat next to this guy:

Hermosa Beach was a lot prettier with great, sunny weather. And appropriately-clothed people.

5) going to the Rockwalk in front of Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd. and checking out The Cure's handprints!! Aw! Look, it's like my hand is touching Robert Smith's hand!

Incidentally, this sales guy in Guitar Center (where I used to go a lot back in high school) was trying to sell me this beautiful, used Gibson (dunno which model exactly) in a Red Sparkle was $2K. I seriously thought about it for a good 10 minutes while playing it. I also scored some free Cure stickers from a shop in Melrose. That just about made the whole trip! (Yeah, it doesn't take much to make me happy!)
6) Seeing my old friend Steven from high school who I spent all of an hour with! I felt really bad leaving Miyagi's early (NOTE: don't go there!) since he drove more than an hour just to meet up with me, but Miyagi's was busted and Girlie and Christian wanted to go to a better place: 217 <-- hot spot! Try it. But Steven, it was so great to see you!! Thanks for driving out to see me! I'm so happy we still keep in touch!! It was nice to you too Brian!
7) Great eats! Like Goldilocks; Good-Ha!; Kowloon; The Stinking Rose; Morel's; Kabuki's; Pho La (the most kick-ass bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle soup I've ever had); some Mexican joint; and Cold Stone Creamery (okay, we have it here too, but they are few and far between).
8) Good shopping experience and I'm proud that I restrained myself!

Overall, L.A. was great though I couldn't help having memories of the ex (no stalking occured whatsoever I must say!). We did meet in junior high as well, and we did roam L.A. together, so of course I saw old places we've been to. So coming back to L.A. was a tad bittersweet.

Nevertheless, I had a fabulous time with great friends and made new memories. For more pics, go to Girlie's website. I will forever remember Karen's kayaking story told during dinner at the Stinking Rose. I almost peed my pants.

In Other News.

My Monday was great aside from a parking spot snafu this morning. I get to work this morning and pull up to my usual spot. (It's a paid parking spot that I rent on a monthly basis because my work does not have enough parking spaces for their employees. Yes, that's the government for you. It's bad enough that I earn little, but we also gotta pay for our own parking because I haven't been there long enough to deserve one!) So anyway, I pull up and lo and behold, some jerk-off took my spot! So I'm peeved and wondering where I should park. So I pull up next to it, furious. I'm taking someone else's spot now. So I write a note to tell the guy off. Except I have no pen. So I pull out an eyeliner...wrote with it but used it up; pulled out another eyeline and used it up; then finally my lipliner and used it up. All to write one note stating: People pay for their spots here and you can't just park here illegally! Move your car!! I put the note inside the car. Yes, INSIDE. Because whoever parked it left their car door unlocked and it's a brand-new BMW 325. I mean, what kind of an ass parks their car illegally in a spot in the middle of Jersey City and leaves it unlocked. Does he want it to be stolen?! My co-workers were like..."Uhm, you left the note inside the car? As in you burglarized it?" Hey it was unlocked! And I admit, I wasn't being rational at the time. I was peeved because I just wanted to park, dammit! I didn't get in trouble though *crosses fingers*. And my car wasn't keyed or scratched up when I got back there. Yay!

Also today, I caught some bug. Actually, my throat was sore as hell during the trip to L.A. I think I caught some bug during the flight going there. And now that I'm home, it's gotten worse. I've been sneezing like crazy (I have a pile of wet tissues next to me), throat still hurts, and my stomach is torturing me. I love traveling, but it can be taxing on your body. And I detest being cooped up in a plane. It's a 6+ hour flight going to L.A. and a 4+ hour going back to NYC. My legs are cramped, and it's freaking stuffy. I may go to the Philippines this Christmas and I can already picture the dreaded 18-hour flight home.

Lastly, I went to visit my friend Riss today to drop off some gifts for her baby girls. She has identical, twin baby girls who are almost a year old. They are SOOO CUUUTTEE!!! I want them! And I can't believe how great she looks! She looks like she never gave birth at all. I want to be a MILF just like her. =D Folks I know are having babies here and there. My parents and in-laws keep asking about it too. While I think this is none of their business, I am Filipino and thus, subject to relative's (and even people I don't know)scrutiny. You know the deal..."Ay, tumaba ka, ano?" while handing you a plate of food at the same time. Honestly, they have the bluntness of a rusty, corroded butcher knife. I've heard the "when are you having babies?" question so many times since the day I got married (though mind you, the idea of SEX was taboo up to the day before the wedding). Heck, my mom has even sent me articles about how women's fertility levels decline once they hit 30! So to answer everyone's question: the baby will be dropping sometime during the latter half of 2005. Yeah!

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