Thursday, May 6, 2004

You know you: 1) Are old: when you’re out with friends drinking and chilling and you look at your watch and think “Damn, it must be late!” and realize it’s not even midnight and all you want to do it go to sleep but don’t get to go home until 2:30 am because you have to prove it to yourself that you still do go out and dammit, enjoy doing it! 2) Need to lose 5 pounds: when you have a hard time zipping up your pants, your stomach rolls over the waistline creating that “pooch” look, you have to suck in your gut when walking around, and you haven’t even eaten yet. 3) Are losing it at work: when you’re driving in the morning and you’re just hoping no one says “Good morning” to you and do the small talk crap before you’ve had your morning coffee; OR you realize you have a trial on Monday and you haven’t even talked to the victim or looked at the file in weeks; OR 3 different people hit you up for money for contributions cuz it’s someone’s birthday or going away party or someone’s sick or whatever and you do give and realize you’re broke with no lunch money and you don’t even know the person anyway; OR you do a favor for a defense attorney and give his client a break and all you get in return is a reprimand from the judge for being too lenient and get berated and look like an arse in front of everyone.

Hawaii in NYC: Last night, we celebrated my friend Trish’s birthday a couple of days early. We went to Waikiki Wally’s and I got semi-plastered. Well, not really, but their drinks were mad strong! I had a headache when I woke up this morning that lasted until after I had eaten lunch. The joint was phat –it was Hawaiian-themed and totally authentic looking. Makes you feel like you’re in Oahu when in fact, you’re right in the middle of the East Village and the rain is pouring outside. Food was yummy, and company was great. I would totally go back there again! It’s a fun place to go celebrate something. Check out Trish and Rol's site for the pictures of the crazy night!

Last episode of FRIENDS Tonight: I didn’t really start watching the show until I moved to NY circa 1995. I first heard of the show via my high-school boyfriend who surprisingly, recommended the show as being “cool” even though he was a Goth-punk rocker slash starving artist. Go figure. Though I didn’t follow it from the beginning, the reruns have given me all the background and I’ve seen almost every episode. I like the show because it’s consistent in developing the characters. I like how they have these running jokes (e.g, “we were on a break!”) and you’re privy to all their secrets and their idiosyncrasies. I also love their “flashback to the 80’s” episodes and a lot of their witty dialogue (especially Chandler). The writing itself hasn’t been consistent (some jokes were flat-out sucky), but the show as a whole is very satisfying. It’s weird knowing that the show has been on for 11 years and it’ll be over forever! So you know I'm watching it tonight.

CONGRATS to my friends Jill and George for passing the NY BAR!

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