Tuesday, May 11, 2004

More trials and tribulations. Monday was a bitch as usual. Even more so because I had 2 bench trials scheduled –both of which could’ve gone through. One trial in particular, involved consolidating 2 different cases. One is lesser 4th degree offense (which was assigned to me) and the other case was a 2nd degree sexual assault charge (among other charges, and this case was not assigned to me). Well guess what, I had to consolidate both cases on the order of the judge –so here I am plea-bargaining away for a more prison time on a case I have no business doing. Much more at stake here than the usual cases I do and I was scared of fucking up royally. I waited for the majority of the day…waiting with baited breath to see whether or not the defendant was going to accept the offer. I had to go back and forth 2 different court rooms and I was a mess. Well, the defendant eventually accepted the offer (5 years in prison) and I was really sad for him. I can’t really talk about the circumstances of the case, but it’s kinda like soap opera –sort of. I felt sorry for him. If I was him, I think I would’ve taken my chances with a trial.

Back fat.
I have back fat. I even have side fat. And I’m not even going to talk about other fat-ladden areas. Ugh. *shivers* I haven’t been going to the gym on a regular basis (like that’s a surprise) and I still eat the way I’ve been eating for the last 20 years or so (I didn’t really discover the joys of eating until I was 7 or 8 years old). So eating for hours on end + not moving my arse = back fat. I really need to tone up a bit especially since summer’s here so that I can fit into my summer clothes and be able to eat loads of ice cream and frappucinos. That and my doc has said that my cholesterol level is a bit high considering I’m only 27. It’s about 220 and I was told that normal should be well below 200? In any case… must lose 5 pounds at the very least. Bugger.

Curiosia. Well you don’t have to read this particular blurb if you’re not a Cure fan. But here’s the good news: The Cure has officially posted most of their North American tour dates! And to pay homage to them (and splurge a bit and act like I got no responsibilities), I am going to see 4 of their shows! Their first stop is in West Palm Beach and I’m so there! It’s about a 1.5 hour drive away from my folks’ place in Miami I believe. Then I will see them on July 31st in NYC (venue TBA) and on August 1st in NJ (1.5 hours away from me, almost in Philly!) Their last stop is supposed to be in Los Angeles on August 27 –I’ll definitely be there too as that is the city where I saw my very first Cure concert in 1992. So yes, I’ll definitely be splurging on these shows (who needs a dining table set when you can see The Cure?! =). Will also pay top dollar for them tickets since I never could afford them in high school and always end up getting the nosebleed seats.

DJ Ghetto-K update. So that is my official DJ name. Now, if I can only DJ properly, I’d be all set. It’s freaking hard to beat-match. I wish I had my own set of tables so I can practice at home. I hope I make some progress tonight in class.

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