Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial Day Weekend.

Ate steak, hamburgers, and hotdogs the entire weekend starting on Friday. Then went to a BBQ on Saturday, Sunday, and today. Memorial Day Wknd = Gluttony. I don't know why a day dedicated to remembering those who serve our country compels everyone to bust out their grill and throw a cook-out. Hot damn I ate a lot of hotdogs. On the plus side, I did go to the gym on Friday, Saturday, and today.

Had my nails done today. I hardly ever get a manicure because I don't take care of my hands all that well. I bite my nails, do a whole mess of chores that always results in chipping nails, play guitar, etc. The last manicure I ever got was for my wedding (the last one I can remember). I only get pedicures for the most part. I gotta say, my fingers look nice. But the lady who did them butchered up my cuticles. She made them bleed! She kept busting out those clipper things and made me cringe. It made me think of Paula Abdul's infection. Ew gross.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friends Girlie and Christina!

On a serious note: I've had a lot on my mind this past few weeks. It's weird how I'm suddenly consumed with crazy ideas that I haven't given a second thought since college. It's a bit scary because they're making me dwell on the past. Reflecting on the past is great; dwelling on the past is not so great because you can't do shit about something that happened already. I swear, if humans could only go back in time, I'd so do it. Even though it's impossible and especially with all that nonsense with the space-time continuum. And wormholes. Whatever. I digress. Life is truly unpredictable.

It was Resurrection Weekend on K-Rock (92.3 - the home of Howard Stern). All weekend long they played songs from the late 80's and 90's. So basically they played songs that I was listening to during junior high and high school. It's so cool how when you hear a song, you can immediately pinpoint where you were and what you were doing on that day that you first heard it. For the most part. And of course, this is both good and bad depending on the memory the song invokes. This is why I just had to switch to HOT 97 every so often.
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