Tuesday, May 4, 2004

I think I’m suffering from narcolepsy…a much-less serious version of it. I’ve been nodding off quite early the past few days. Take Friday, April 30th: I meant to stay up to watch The Cure perform a new song on Jay Leno. Could not for the life of me, keep from nodding off. So I snoozed a bit and asked the hubs to wake me up when the Cure came on. I woke up at exactly the point when they started playing and promptly went back to sleep afterwards. Same thing for Saturday: Could not stay up to watch SNL! I fell asleep before midnight rolled around… And then last night: nodded off while watching CSI: Miami and woke up 5 minutes before it was over. It’s not like I was overly tired or anything. Perhaps it’s the amount of food I eat coupled with the fact that I’m a lazy arse who hardly does any physical exercise? Who knows…or maybe it’s because I’m getting old. *Yawn*
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