Thursday, April 1, 2004

Rain on Me. This morning, I got rained on, on the way to work. I park about 2 blocks away from the courthouse and as I was walking, there was a sudden burst of torrential downpour and I got soaked. I tried to wait it out by hanging out on the awning of some mechanic shop. Luckily, some guy came by with his huge umbrella and asked “Going to the courthouse?” and gave me some refuge. He was a juror. And I said, jokingly, “oh, we shouldn’t talk!” But it was very, very nice of him to offer me half of his umbrella. When I got to work, my hair was wet (like I took a shower and ran out of towels wet) and my coat was drenched. Of course, this was the morning I actually fixed my hair and curled the ends. And of course, the minute I got into the building, the rain stopped.

My friend is turning 30 in a few days. When I was a teen, I though 30 was just so out there, yanno. But of course, now that I’ll be 30 myself in a few years, it doesn’t matter. Haven’t you heard, ‘40’ is the NEW '30.’ Hehehe. Some things I’d like to accomplish before turning 30 (but may not necessarily be able to do, and I fully admit that):

1. Have 2 kids:
I love kiddies. Have taken care of them and babysat them for years. When it comes to kiddies, my patience is pretty good although I know it’ll be a crazy road ahead (and there will be plenty of hair-pulling moments). And I’ve always wanted to be a “young” mom (although I know being “young” is all relative). Take a look at my mom –she had me when she was 22. I’m 27 now, and she’ll be turning 50 this year. I’d like to be young enough so that when my kids are grown up and I’m retired, I can still be up and about.
2. Have a novel published. Okay, this has been a life-long ordeal thus far. But we’ll see. You never know. Slowly but steady. Slowly but steady. The dream is still there.
3. Have my kitchen/patio/dining room redone. This project is slated to come in 5-7 years. I want it sooner. But alas, unless I win the lottery, I don’t think it’s going to happen.
4. Be a millionaire. Yes I know….Reality check.
5. Win a jury trial. As of now, I’ve only done bench-trials. But who knows, in a year or so, I may be doing jury trials. In our county, getting a guilty verdict is ridiculously hard, apparently. And winning your first jury trial is a hard feat to come by. But we’ll see. Heck, I’d be happy with doing better cross-examinations. Instead of my stammering…”Uhm, so you were at home, right? Okay. That’s it. No further questions.”
6. Get LASIK. Oh! So scared! But I’m sick of wearing contacts and getting my eyes all irritated and shit. Or wearing glasses and getting them foggy or wet from the rain. Will have to look into this.

Well, those were just SOME goals…

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