Thursday, April 8, 2004

Nothing to blog about. *Yawn* Nothing going on over here. So here’s some random blurbs…

Playlist – Songs I’m Absolutely Digging Right Now:
1) This Love – by Maroon 5
2) Immigrant Song – by Led Zeppelin
3) Heartbreaker – by Led Zeppelin
4) Twilight Garden – by The Cure
5) Toxic – by Britney
6) Tipsy – by J Kwon
7) Lovesong – by 311 (Cover version of the Cure’s)

Bail. I set a defendant’s bail the other day for $75,000 cash or bond only. I spoke to the victim who was absolutely terrified that if the defendant were to get out that same day (supposedly, he has a rich sister), he would go and kill her. Normally, bails can be made by posting a 10% bail. But since this guy has an extensive prior record, and one of his new charges involved a 2nd degree crime, I asked for a $75K cash or bond bail only (no 10%). And I got it. Neat. I don’t think the defendant’s rich sister can get that kind of cash. And quite frankly, if I was the sister, I’d be like “I ain’t bailing out your sorry ass. I got better things to do with my money.”

Easter Weekend. Since I work for the government, I get Good Friday off! It’s darn freaking nice to get a Friday off. Tomorrow, I’m going to hit the gym (had a momentary lapse from Monday to Today), then buy paint for the dining room. I thinking of painting it red and I’m just a bit worried that it’ll make the room look smaller. But I’m going to go ahead with it regardless. Heck, if I hate it, I could always paint over it. Painting prep and clean up is a bitch even though painting itself is fairly easy. So that’s tomorrow’s project. Then on Saturday, I’m having dinner with my folks. Easter Sunday Dinner will be at the in-law’s home. I’m making Oreo cheesecake for both sets.

Spring Fling. Even though I know I don’t need new clothes/accessories, I still want to buy some! The shops are always good at enticing you with their new season’s collection. They come out a season before --so even though it’s winter, they get you to buy the spring stuff before it even starts to get warm. My anticipated buys are: a black leather clutch; a non-black leather clutch in a bold color; some non-black strappy heels; and terry cloth flip flops. It would be nice if I had some extra cash for these purchases. As it is, almost every dollar I have is ear-marked for bills, or for saving up for a house-related buy. Why can’t I win the lottery like J.Lo’s mom?!

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