Thursday, April 15, 2004

Erin-go-Bragh! Okay, I'm seriously thinking of going to Ireland this July. Why? Because of the Oxegen Festival! Yet another fabulous event in which The Cure will be playing. Yes. I'm obsessed. But this festival will also feature a whole slew of other artists that I also like! Get this: Wu-Tang Clan, David Bowie, N.E.R.D., Black Eyed Peas (even if they did hire that new chick who thinks she's the shit), and many others! Granted, I could just go to Coachella (I actually don't know if there are tickets still available) which will be much cheaper. But part of me thinks that hey, I'm still young, why not splurge? Of course, I'm way more responsible than that. First off, I don't got money to splurge even if I wanted to! It will be my birthday weekend during the festival though, and it could be my gift to myself. Ah who knows....wishful thinking.

Regardless, I will be traveling to Europe this summer! The fams, hubs, and I are going to Portugal, Spain, and Morocco via Trafalgar Tours this August. I'll be gone for 11 days. My biggest fear is missing a Cure concert date! They are scheduled to tour the U.S. in July/August, but dates are yet unknown. So I may be out of town when they get to the NYC area! I'm a freaking nerd. I'm lucky enough to be going to Europe, and here I am whining about missing a potential concert date! Don't worry, I'll get over it.

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