Monday, March 29, 2004

Random scribbles... MTV is on the background and apparently, they have this new show called "I want a Famous Face" where folks undergo plastic surgery to look like their fave celebs. Fucking-A. How sad can you get. I can understand getting plastic surgery to make yourself feel better --I got no problem with that (e.g., you want bigger boobs; a better nose, etc.). But getting surgery to specifically look like Britney Spears?!?! You've got to be kidding me. First of all, talk about mental problems. Secondly, where the hell do these folks get their moola?! And for the commericals I saw so far, the 2 girls were like in their twenties and getting a shit-load of work done. Like this chick who wants to look like Kate Winslet (who incidentally is one of my fave celebs as well): she's getting the works done! Lipo, boob job, nose job, you name it. Where are they getting the cash, I ask?!

Trials and tribulations... I was supposed to have a trial earlier today but it was adjourned. Supposedly, the attorney had an "emergency doctor's appointment" to go to. Granted, it could be important and I bear the guy no ill will. It's just that it's such an inconvenience for everyone involved! I was expecting 4 witnesses to come in. Thankfully, I got on the phone with them on time, to tell them that the trial's off. Then the defense' witnesses show up, one of whom apparently knew the judge. So the judge had to recuse himself from the trial because of the conflict of interest. The judge then sent the trial to be handled by a different (and much stricter!) judge about 3 weeks from now. What a pain.

Avon Walk-a-Thon.
I'm participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer on October 2-3. I am participant number: 432631. This is the first walk-a-thon I'm ever participated in and I've always wanted to. Between now and October 2, I have to train and fundraise. I have to raise $2K and I'm a bit overwhelmed at this point. I'm a bit scared of not raising enough funds although it's still early. I've already sent out e-mails to friends and I hope they don't ignore it. So far, I've received only 2 donations and I'm grateful for them! PEOPLE: It's a good cause! Please be generous! Check out the Avon Walk website for more information. I'll track down my progress as it goes along. Time to get my lazy ass off the couch.

Spring is happy! Time to bust out the skirts!
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