Wednesday, March 3, 2004


I opened a ROTH IRA account. It’ll be money that’s going to be out of sight, out of mind. I even have a financial advisor who’ll be monitoring my funds. He’s this guy who’s actually younger than me and already set for like (bitch!). He asked me at what age I’d like to retire and I said 55. Of course I’d like to retire at a much younger age than that, but you can’t predict the future. But assuming that 55 is my target age, my IRA account will only vest when I’m 59.5 years old. That’s about 32 years from now. In addition to that, I have a government pension plan that will kick in when I’m 60 years old. That’s 33 years from now. Wow. That just seems so far away.

Random Night Out. Last Friday, I went out for happy hour with a bunch of co-workers at a bar in Hoboken (aka Cheeseboken as the hubs likes to call it). I only meant to stay for 1 or 2 drinks but I didn’t get home until past 11 o’clock (and we got there before 6 pm). There was initially a group of 12, which whittled down to 4 at the end of the night (well, until I left). The last 4 were me and my co-worker and partner in crime Priya. We are together so much that another co-worker dubbed us “Kapriya.” Then there’s my co-worker whom I’ll dub MJ. He’s a pretty cool guy (the only guy in our unit) who does all these funky accents whenever the mood strikes him. He’s kinda like the man about town. ( Heck, I even told him about the Coachella Festival and now he’s going, but I’m not!) Along with MJ was his friend from school, this attorney whose name rhymes with Germ. Germ was also funny. So there was Germ, MJ, Priya, and I. So in the 5 hours that I spent with them, I found out about all sorts of gossip, news, background info, whatever. Bloody freaking hilarious.

America’s Next Top Model. Yay!! Camille is out! Didn’t like her attitude. I don’t think she was such the bitch but she just was too in your face whenever you criticized her. Always had some sort of justification. She was hot though, and I think she'll have a future for herself. She's determined enough.

I have been writing again. Not whole pages, but fragments and paragraphs here and there. Not a bad start. Initially, I started this blog as a writing exercise. I still consider it a writing exercise. They always advise writers to write about anything at least once a day. Almost like free association, the writing exercises shouldn’t be concerned with grammatical errors, spellings, meanings, etc. This is why my blog is all over the place. Not stellar work at all, but writing nonetheless.

Home Sweet Home. So this is the hubs’ last week in Delaware ever! (For work purposes, at least). He accepted a new job with UPS and he’ll get to work from home. His commute will only be 20 minutes tops. This will be a little weird. I’ve been used to doing my own thing from Monday-Thursday. I go out with friends, eat all sorts of crazy junk food for dinner, watch TV until past midnight, play the stereo really loud, let the dishes pile up until Thursday afternoon, be a couch potato, dance around like a maniac, pretend I’m a rock-and-roll start with my guitar on blast, do whatever. Now, I have to adjust a bit. But hey, I’m happy he’ll be home. He’s been a part-time roomie since the day we got married. Now I’ll have him full-time!

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